How effective is digital marketing?

How effective is digital marketing?
Growing up as a teenager many years back in Lagos, Nigeria was fun though, there is always a reason to “stay woke” [a cliché interpreted for being alert]; this is usually from the part that you either learn from people’s experience or be the experience others learn from. One of my many Rhema moments that stuck in my head and I still hold with high esteem is the understanding that “never mistake activity for effectiveness”. It still breathes! 

How effective digital marketing is can be put into words by the best of eloquence and a massive display of activities on different platforms, however, the place of calibration makes review, measures growth ratio, and confirms productivity. 

Today’s article will have us understand that irrespective of the choice of using a golden tool as Digital Marketing for your brand, there is a need to understand the place of effectiveness and a continuous effort to review the aim for digital marketing where necessary. 

How effective is Digital Marketing? 
In as much as Digital Marketing is one of the best things that could happen to traditional marketing after the invention of Sliced Bread, there is a need to always consider the aim and objectives of any form of marketing, since this shapes and identifies which marketing strategy to deploy and when measured, effective. 

Before one considers a Digital Marketing plan, there is a need to consider some factors, since we cannot deploy the same strategies for all marketing plans.  

Digital Marketing is effective when you: 
Marketing is intentional and for every action, it has to be with a focus to track effectiveness. There is a need to consider whom your digital marketing is targeted; is the information for all consumption for an age bracket or those in a field of industry, a certain gender, or a religious denomination. Your target audience should be identified before you set a marketing plan. 

If you have been able to identify your target audience for digital marketing, it would be easy to shape your content around the audience for effectiveness. 

Oh, so, you have mapped out the target audience and created content around it, there is a need to choose which format in the content will be disseminated. The content-type could be Textual, Video, Infographics, or a combination of all. 

In digital marketing, as a creator, there is a need to factor the channel you choose to route your digital marketing to ensure effectiveness as aimed. You could consider Facebook because it has a wide range of age groups or LinkedIn for the right audience. Whichever your pick, let it be fueled after identifying your consumer/audience. 

It is known that communication is not complete if the sender and the receiver do not share common message symbols and more importantly when there is no feedback. Having considered your content and conveyed it in the best channels, there is a need to identify what you want the information to do to your audience and what you expect of them. This part is crucial as it is the last part of the flow chart. It is sensitive to deciding how effective your digital marketing plan was. 

How to measure the effectiveness of your Digital Marketing
It is critical to remember that the 21st century is entirely digital. It is a very competitive era in which businesses rely on social media, digital sales channels, and technical media to stay afloat, develop, build client connections, and stay ahead of the competition. 

To confirm how effective your Digital Marketing Plan is, here are 6 pointers to measure your progress rate.  
1. Determine the goals of your digital marketing strategy. 
2. Set specific targets for each of the goals you create. 
3. Determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing plan. 
4. Set goals for each of your KPIs. 
5. Identify a reliable analytics platform. 
6. Improve performance by implementing real-time solutions. 

How effective is your Digital Marketing? 
As a digital sales channel, the internet will enable you to execute tactics that you can continually update to capture your consumers, keep their loyalty, and review procedures were necessary to achieve long-term growth.

In conclusion, don’t go about activity, track your aim and objectives to measure how effective your Digital Marketing plan is heading.  

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