How far is AI reaching the Theory of Mind in technological advancement?

How far is AI reaching the Theory of Mind in technological advancement?

How wonderful would it be if the devices around you could tell how you currently feel without you making a statement or taking any action, and they simply do things bearing in mind your current mood? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Whenever you hear anything about the industrial revolution, you can be certain that there is about to be another disruption from science to the way people have been accustomed. This usually implies another breakthrough with innovation that simplifies work processes and has a ripple effect on the wellness of man.

Today, I will share with you a unique subject under Artificial Intelligence [AI] that science has foreseen to alleviate our routines and solely connect us to our minds, thereby making decisions that are read by the mind and not by what is instructed or what is fed [fetch/input].

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, artificial intelligence [AI] is intelligence demonstrated by machines as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. They are seen as the deployment of a series of instructions embedded on a device that learns and understands patterns so that they can function independently without an external factor.

In recent years, AI has been considered a point of breakthrough for us in science, and definitely to the point that it eliminates tiring routines of work.

The growth of AI has been said to be characterized by four levels of growth, which play sensitive details of the exposure of science and development. The four levels are: 

  1. Reactive machines
  2. Limited Memory.
  3. theory of mind.
  4. Self-aware

What is a theory of mind?

The Theory of Mind is the branch of cognitive science that observes how we ascribe mental states to other people and how we use the same conditions to explain and predict the actions of those other people around us. More accurately, the Theory of Mind is the branch of AI that investigates what mindreading abilities are, such that they are interconnected with us to perform specific functions.

A Theory of Mind may seem impossible at the moment, but this was the same way the internet was considered to be ill and a millennium bug would wipe out everything, but that never happened.

How far is AI reaching the Theory of Mind in technological advancement?

The Theory of Mind is a significant leap in technology that would reshape the way AI is being considered in the new order. This type of AI would require humans to be interconnected with devices that read their minds instead of voice sensors like Alexa and Siri [which are great cognitive/voice-activated technologies by the way].

At the moment, machine learning models can accomplish a lot of work for a person. Alexa and Siri are the current generation of A.I. but do not provide emotional support or state.

Imagine you are driving on the road, and you are being prompted to take a route. Unfortunately, you pass the route and encounter traffic. It gets more disturbing when you are late for an event or at work. The map will keep directing you instead of showing empathy for your frustration and calming you down.

The Theory of the Mind is a gradual level of elevation that requires self-aware devices to be interconnected with humans. The good part is that AI has been enjoying a good buzz with technological advancements as seen with automated plants, door open and close sensors, IoT [Internet of Things], speech recognition, robotics, and some other interesting topics that have been spreading.

In conclusion, while AI is what the world has considered for technological advancement, the theory of the mind is a quantum leap that the world has yet to attain. However, with the pattern of growth observed in technology, we may be seeing this sooner than you anticipated.

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