How has Globalization affected Dubai?

How has Globalization affected Dubai?
The City of Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates in the UAE [United Arab Emirates]. Dubai has enjoyed a variety of popularity for many things from tourism, lifestyle, technology, desert safari, and the likes. 

While people have been quick to associate the cities under the UAE as oil-producing, meaning this is all they are known for. 

Dubai on the other hand has just a little oil reserve, therefore does less of the black gold business compared to cities like Abu Dhabi that solely depends on crude. 

Topics like globalization cannot be discussed in the Middle East and the example of Dubai as a monument is not exercised. Left to me, and going by research, the city of Dubai has enjoyed floss through the aid of globalization. This and more will I be sharing in the article today. 

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What is globalization? 
Globalization is the inter-relation of persons or groups of bodies through the use of modern technology for trade, communication, and research. Globalization has made the world a closer village where everyone can be easily seen through the advent of modern technology. 

How has globalization affected Dubai? 
Dubai has been a frontier in innovation has been under the web of Globalization in its many pursuits for being the Happiest Place on Earth, has leveraged on westernization as a tool with the good use of technocrats and highly skilled professionals to make good use in achieving feats that sets them on the map for world-class standard. 

Remember that Globalization can only ride on modern technology which is particularly the Internet, where the world is closer than it was. With this unique medium, there has been intense research, increase in Artificial Intelligence [AI] deployment in recent inventions, Software development, Blockchain technology as seen in the Cryptocurrency, Cultural exploration, Visibility which has been significant to the flux of ex-pats who comes into the country for opportunities, and lastly tourism. 

Globalization in Dubai had saved the day when the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted the world’s routine. The beautiful people of Dubai were able to move to the internet space to continue virtual business stores, transactions, and more importantly, communicate without the breech in COVID-19 protocol for the safety of the community. 

What are the challenges in Dubai? 
 Dubai is almost too good to be true, however, just like you can almost not solve all problems of the people, Dubai has its challenges. Below are some of the challenges observed. 

For ex-pats who are just visiting the country, there may be a swing in cultural shock, especially the westerners. 

Considering the geographic location, Dubai is a hot place to live. 

The cost of accommodation in Dubai is relatively high. 

Westernization has slowed down cultural and religious standards in Dubai. The city of Dubai has in the process of embracing investors, have dowsed their cultural beliefs and constitutions all for co-habitation and business growth. 

Since Dubai has majored in tourism, it will continually depend on other economies to visit for its business to thrive. 
What are the top 3 health challenges in the UAE? 
 The UAE has one of the best healthcare centres around the world, and it is no wonder why it is amongst the countries considered for medical attention.  

Despite the seamless healthcare schemes for residents, the UAE still records some health challenges like residents having cardiovascular diseases. This health challenge accounts for 28% of all deaths in the UAE, while others are accidents, injuries, malignancies, and congenital anomalies. 

Other health challenges are Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Obesity, and Diabetes. 

What are the social problems in UAE? 
Some of the social problems in the UAE are: 
1. Discrimination. 
2. Domestic Violence. 
3. Alcoholism. 
4. Bad nutrition. 
5. Drug addiction. 
6. Sexual harassment. 
7. Delay in marriage. 
8. Cultural differences. 
9. High cost of living. 
10. Prostitution. 
Global Issues Dubai Expo 2020 seeks to address
The people of the UAE and Dubai had carefully planned the Dubai Expo which was supposed to be slated in 2020, however, just like the breaking news on CNN, the world woke up to see the COVID-19 outbreak. The outbreak crippled the economy of the world. 

Well, many thanks to the Higher power, science, and will spirit, Dubai was able to organize the epoch event that started on the 1st of October, 2021, and to end on 31st March 2022. 

While tourists and residents are in awe of this event, the possible consequence of this may not have been addressed as it ought to. 

Numbers have shown in recent times that there is an increase in the number of people who had contracted the COVID-19. While there had been a strict measure for PCR tests and vaccination results, the world still fears that they converge at the Dubai Expo may cause harm if there be a loophole. 
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