How innovative is Dubai?

How innovative is Dubai?
The word innovation is from the Latin verb Innovare, which means to renew, a word that best describes Dubai, a megacity. 

Bookkeepers and those who studied Dubai as a city could easily tell that long before now, Dubai was only considered as an arid land, better known for its desert walk alone at most. Fast forward to the modern-day, Dubai has carefully renewed itself by being considered as a Smart City, deploying state-of-the-art technologies in all industries to guarantee a seamless process to the way things were done. 

So, while Dubai has been seen from the pool of other innovative cities, the question of how innovative is Dubai, and what strategies were deployed for innovation in the UAE, amongst others will be answered in this article. 

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How innovative is Dubai? 
If there was a metric to checkmate the level of innovation Dubai has attained, it should be “Mega City”. While we could worry about the S.I [International System of Units] unit for this, Dubai has afforded us more worthy distractions, remarkable laurels that have set them on the map, from their technological advancement, down to the cultural way of life in leisure and tourism. 

Dubai has been named a city of innovation, especially when it was recently ranked among the 3 most innovative economies in Northern Africa and West Asia by the Global Innovative Index. 

Dubai is also regarded as the 20th city globally on the list of innovative economies in the world. 
Industries have enjoyed a great dowse of innovation in Dubai, from the introduction of Robots into the police system, to the medical advancement in healthcare, the uniqueness of IoT [Internet of Things], 5G network, AI [Artificial Intelligence], and a list of more. 

If one thing is clear, Dubai has always been the welcoming one, with a warm reception, investors have brought in ideas that were well harnessed, and with the aid of specialists and a vision, innovation is birthed always.  

What is innovation in UAE? 
In a country where innovation is a pillar, the UAE [United Arab Emirates] composed of 7 Emirates has set the records straight many times than one in landmark innovations.  

One of the highlights in the section of Vision 2021 is known as "United in Knowledge," which focuses on inventive Emiratis establishing a competitive economy. The UAE remains the most inventive country in the Arab world, according to the annual Global Innovation Index 2019. 
While recounting accolades, there are several steps and initiatives undertaken to promote and encourage innovation in the UAE, all in sync with Vision 2021 which aims to make the UAE among the best countries in the world by the golden jubilee of the union. 

What is the UAE innovation strategy? 
If you had followed the UAE and their zeal towards innovation, you will know that the pang for innovation has been a part of them since 2018, when there was an update in strategy which birthed The Innovation Strategy, a refined strategy with carefully identified 7 goals which are: 
  1. Exploration. 
  2. Future skills. 
  3. Living and life. 
  4. Green power. 
  5. Transport network. 
  6. Quality of health. 
Harnessing technology to serve humankind. 
The UAE innovation strategy seeks to put the UAE among the world's top innovators and to foster a way of thinking that fosters experimenting and taking calculated risks to realize the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071. 

With a vision, drive, and team, UAE sets to build world-class international universities, enterprises, scientific advances centred on people's well-being, while leveraging on innovation. Innovation would also be seen as trying out new models of tested advanced economic patterns and setting the framework for the creation of new sectors 

Why is Dubai so advanced? 
In similitude to when people ask “what makes you tick?” 

Well, Dubai is regarded as one of the world's premier cities globally, having been considered as one of the most developed and sophisticated cities in the United Arab Emirates, with merits to its superb facilities, high wages, magnificent structures, a decent healthcare system, and many more, it is not farfetched as why advancement has been visibly seen in all sectors. 
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