How Is CBD Oil Strength and Potency Measured?

How Is CBD Oil Strength and Potency Measured?
For anyone wanting to try CBD for the first time, finding the right products can feel like a minefield. Whether looking to buy CBD oil online or from a retail store, there are often many different options to choose from.

Of course, having a variety of CBD hemp oil products available is a good thing and ensures that everyone can find the perfect product to suit their needs. However, trying to decide which option is best can quickly become overwhelming.

One major decision people struggle with when purchasing CBD oils for the first time is potency and strength.

Much information about CBD oil, its benefits, and why people should use it is readily available. However, there is not so much information about how to choose the best oils and why strength is such an essential part of the decision-making process.

So, what are strength and potency, how are they measured, and why are they so important?

What Do Strength and Potency Mean?

The words strength and potency are both used to describe the same thing: the amount of CBD in a product. The higher the percentage of CBD in a product, the stronger its effects will be on the body.

Choosing the right potency is vital for ensuring that the body is getting enough CBD to achieve the desired effects, but it’s also important to not consume more than the body can handle.

There are two ways that strength and potency are displayed on the labeling of CBD oil products. Firstly is a percentage that denotes the amount of the final product made up of CBD. The other method displays how many milligrams (mg) of CBD there are in the total product.

How to Understand and Compare the Strength of Different CBD Products

How the potency of a CBD product is displayed on the labeling is the manufacturer's choice. For the consumer, this means that there could be two products from different brands sitting next to each other on a store shelf, showing the amount of CBD they contain in two very different ways.

One product might display how much CBD it contains by using the percentage method. In contrast, another might use the metric option of printing the total amounts of milligrams of CBD within the product.

As a consumer trying to choose the right CBD products, a little quick math is required to compare the two products. Working out how much CBD there is within each dropper full of CBD oil for both products is the easiest way to compare the strength of the two products.

How to Compare Price and Strength of Different CBD Products

The potency of CBD products impacts the price at which they are sold to consumers. A CBD oil tincture with a high potency will be more expensive than a lower potency product sold by the same brand.

Therefore, trying to balance the strength with the price is essential to get the best value for money while still choosing an effective CBD product.

Balancing price and potency is not always easy as CBD oils are sold in different liquid quantities and can display their strength in one of two ways.

People often assume that larger tinctures will offer better value, but this is not always the case. At first, a 20ml tincture might look like it provides better value than a 10ml tincture. Upon closer inspection and comparing how much CBD is being consumed with each dropper full of oil, it might become clear that this is not the case.

The more CBD within each drop of oil, the stronger the effect it will have on the body. Depending on the potency of a product, this could mean that fewer drops of oil are needed to get effective results, meaning that a 10ml tincture could last longer than a 20ml tincture.

So, while the 20ml tincture might at first look like it is proving the best value, it is the 10ml tincture that is better in price and effectiveness. 
When comparing two products, it’s best to compare them on a price-per-milligram basis.

How to Decide Which Strength and Potency is the Best Option

The potency of a CBD oil tincture is essential not only for getting the best value out of the product but also for ensuring that it can provide the benefits claimed on the bottle.

Everyone responds differently to CBD, so opting for the most potent oil is not always the right option. Several factors determine a person’s CBD tolerance, such as their metabolism, weight, what they have taken alongside CBD, and how often they use it.

The higher a person’s tolerance, the more CBD they will need at once to achieve the best results. Over time, the body builds up a natural tolerance to CBD, requiring a person to increase the amount of CBD they take with each use.

When somebody is looking to try CBD oil for the first time, they are likely to have a low tolerance level. Therefore, it is best to choose products with low potency and CBD strength, as the body will not be able to use and benefit from larger doses efficiently.
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