How Long Do Canvas Prints Last?

How Long Do Canvas Prints Last?

Smartphones and social media may be habituating the general public to thinking of photography as disposable and fleeting, but advances in print technology are radically reshaping expectations for what you can print on and how long those prints can actually last

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Canvas Printing in Dubai has been extremely popular in the last ten years as internet retailers have proliferated and print-on-site canvas businesses have become well-established in shopping malls around the country, but there are some questions about how well-made they are and how long they endure. This should give you an idea of how long they last, both technically and in terms of design, as well as some information on how they're manufactured to help you grasp the integrity of great canvas prints.

How long will canvas prints last?

It is generally known that all picture prints fade with time. There is no magical cure for the passage of time - at least not yet! Printing your cherished photo on canvas, on the other hand, is one of the finest methods to ensure that those rich colours won't be here today and gone tomorrow.

It's no wonder that this is a frequently asked issue in the market, and the absence of a clear response may often be confusing for consumers who want to buy a print but want to make sure they'll have it for a long time. The annoyance is that there are so many variables that influence the length of a canvas print that it must be determined on a particular circumstance basis. As a result, the prevailing view is that a canvas should be laminated or framed with UV-protected glass to live longer.

What causes photo prints to fade?

1.     Ultraviolet light (UV). This is the major offender. When sunlight strikes printed matter, a change occurs at the molecular level. Solar UV triggers a chemical reaction in any substance's colouring ingredients, breaking chemical bonds and causing deterioration, i.e. fading.

2.     The presence of impurities in the air. Smoke particles, cleaning agents, and dust may all affect the chemical make-up of your picture surface, hastening the deterioration process.

3.     Wear and tear daily. Handling and other forms of contact, of course, can lessen colour intensity via abrasion (wearing away) of the dye substance itself.

How can I prolong the life of my canvas prints?

1.     Avoid exposing your print to direct sunlight. This is the simplest and most effective preventative measure you can take. No matter how much resistance is incorporated into the product, the sun is so powerful that its impact will always be felt eventually. As a result, you should carefully arrange your canvas to prevent direct glare.

2.     Stay away from smoky, dusty surroundings. These pose yet another risk to the lifetime of your print. If you have a cigar lounge or a vintage wine cellar in your house, you may want to display your artwork in another room.

3.     Limit your exposure to moist air. Canvas, no matter how adaptable it is, will never be the ideal solution for damp or humid environments. If you want to show off your new print in the bathroom or kitchen, you're the king. But be warned: the hotter things become, the less likely it is that your canvas will provide you with a lifetime of excellent performance. And you're not going to put your canvas in the shower, are you?

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