How long does it take to learn web design?

How long does it take to learn web design?

One of the greatest puzzles I am yet to crack is how an ad is bold enough to read “How to learn Forex in 5 days”. While I try to rack my brain, I keep thinking that I must be missing some vitals, or that I have dyslexia, or that my tutors aren't smart enough to have discovered this trick. Ok! Maybe it'll be a topic for another day.

So, would I appear off if I put a timeline to my topic above? Well, let's establish some fundamentals. Learning is growth and true growth, depending on the field of interest, is measured with a unit. For the context of this article, I would simply base the duration of learning web design on willingness and creativity. While this is superimposed, in this article, I will be elucidating this with some guidelines, a process flow of the learning cycle, and why it can't be bound by time.

What is Web design?

Perhaps everyone has an idea of what Web design is or entails, but for clarity, web design includes a range of skills and disciplines in the creation and upkeep of websites, such as User Interface design (UI design), authorship (both standardized code and proprietary software), User Experience design (UX design), and the celebrated Search Engine Optimization, are the crux of web design.

It is the careful assembly of texts, objects, images, and color blend on a layout to provide an appealing display as intended by the web page owner to meet specific services. Asides from the colorful layout where necessary, websites vary and may find the need for the introduction of interactions, chatbots, forms, or more.

Web designs are highly sensitive to a brand's image and, more importantly, a deciding factor in how users trust your service. With The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai, having the right team of experts who listen to your vision and turn it into colorful layouts that exceed expectations becomes interesting.

How to learn web design.

While there are many routes to the train station, as you must have heard a handful, however, these right here are sane and practical measures to you learning web “designing”. Did you notice the introduction of the gerund? Well, this is simply because learning is a continuous process and not a drop-off.

Before I get into this, it would be fair to clearly state that this feat is not for everyone, just like everyone cannot be a chef; where the place of tenacity comes in always, the subject of interest as the foundation should never be shoved. If you have that burning flair or interest in web design, then grab popcorn and enjoy this read.

1. Get Acquainted

Before 99, there was 1 or perhaps 0. l can't get enough of saying learning is fun, however, this time, I will point my angle towards paying attention to websites, find out things that thrill you and things that don’t, understand color blends and the superimposition with texts, discover what differentiates a website from another.

2. Be a Transducer

Pardon my jargon, but every web designer must be able to interpret a client’s details into a masterpiece. This simply means you must have a listening ear and a creative mind that fans your skill and exhibition of mastery into designs. The target of the client is what the web design must project; therefore, attention to details is sacrosanct before delivery.

3. Find your website builder

The world is changing, and technology has paved the way even more. For a creative mind that has paid attention to details, finding your way around a website builder would be easy breezy. A website builder simply builds a website for you instead of doing conventional coding, saving you time for your creativity. While there are many websites builder out there, there is need to find the one which is of ease to you, but if I could recommend any to you, it would be WordPress. Other Websites builders I recommend are Wix and Weebly. 

4. Grow your skill

It would be fair to learn from experts in the field and joining platforms would give you a soft landing. You could get some e-books or take on some free courses online, join interactive platforms, check YouTube videos for that knowledge base.

5. Practice

This would imply taking projects from people while you start rendering service. Each website design comes with new specifications and so does your proficiency growth. Don’t be big on money yet, accept the offers and use to grow while practicing.

If you would take anything from this article, it must be that learning is fun and you can be way better than your celebrated laurels having become a web designer, the trick is creativity and intentional growth. 

So, how long does it take to learn Web design? My answer would be: it is up to you! 

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