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How Much Can You Make As a Freelance Videographer in Dubai?

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Very often, most people do not seem to give much thought to videography as an area of entrepreneurial interest. Or if they do, they don’t think that it is something for them as they think you have to be very science and technology savvy to be able to become one. But is that really so?

Like in any endeavour, what is generally required to succeed is passion, along with a willingness to learn everything you can that can help you to become very good at what you have chosen to do. Videography can become a profitable pursuit, even as a freelance videographer if you are sufficiently interested in the field.

So, what is Videography and how much can one earn working as a freelance videographer in Dubai?

Videography and Videographers

Videography can be seen as the process of catching moving pictures on electronic and streaming media. The term incorporates techniques for video creation and post-production.

A Videographer is somebody who is answerable for recording live occasions and limited scope video productions. Videographers in Dubai place their attention around more modest productions like narratives, live occasions, short movies, weddings, birthday celebrations, sports events, commercials and online training videos, frequently working alone with a single camera set-up or in concert with a small group of light and sound technicians.

A good videographer must be creative, passionate about creating stories or messages through film and video, along with editing film and video and have an eye for detail as well as been able to communicate such to those he may be working with in order to provide direction. Videographers should see each projects objective and have the option to capture those thoughts in form of video and transform that into an incredible message.

In addition, a good videographer must be able to use a variety of software products, such as Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Media Encoder, and After Effects, among others. Videographers ought to likewise have the option to investigate issues with the hardware, or potentially fix the gear they use if possible, to avoid time wastage.

Videography as a concept is quite generic as it actually involves areas of video production and post-production which may require the videographer to wear many hats such as being the interviewer, lighting technician, sound technician, director, video editor, or as a primary responsibility, the camera man.

What does it mean to be a Freelance Videographer?

A Freelance videographer is a person who is hired to work on a variety of projects on freelance, contractor, a temporary basis. Freelance videographers in Dubai can work weddings or birthday celebrations, uncommon occasions, ads, narratives, or online training videos. Freelance Videographers in Dubai may likewise have their own business and work exclusively autonomous, and single out the kind of work they do or their core area of specialty or Freelance Videographers can also decide to work for organizations, which contract them to complete work for a customer or some special projects.

How Much Can You Earn as a Freelance Videographer in Dubai?

The field of Videography has changed much over the course of the years as the innovation has advanced into the digital space. What hasn't changed is that Videographers are emphatically innovative, with a staggering eye for getting activity. You’ll find videographers everywhere film is needed: at college basketball games, weddings, reunions, corporate events, in an advertising agency, in your local nightly news studio or even in a war zone. Videographers manage their job in the field in a wide range of climate. But they also work in the editing school. Some of them hazard their lives each day catching the awful impacts of illness, starvation, catastrophic events, and war.

Dubai is a fertile ground for a lot of endeavours including being a videographer. A freelance videographer with the aforementioned qualities and an entrepreneurial zest in the city of Dubai can earn good living working in any of the many areas their services are needed.

According to statistics on the site of ae.indeed.com on the reported salaries of 70 videographers working in Dubai which was updated as on the 12th of May; the average salary stood at AED 3,823 per month, making Dubai second to Abu Dhabi were the average salaries of freelance videographers for the same period stood at AED 3,955. In comparison, only those into video editing earned more averaging a salary total of around AED 4,176 in the city.

While we've all taken novice video of everything from idiotic pet stunts to vehicle crashes, a Videographer has made a calling out of recounting stories and being the eyes of the world. These experts are both innovative and mechanical, and ready to earn enough to pay the bills in a portion of our most well-known scenes, like the motion pictures and TV.

Videographers catch or reproduce life so that its magnificence and offensiveness is caught perpetually through the camera lens and are consequently deserving of their wages.

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