How much does a website cost in 2023?

How much does a website cost in 2023?

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting your online business or taking your current business online, you must have thought about the associated cost, haven’t you? The truth is, every single step that you take across the journey to start a business, costs you money. To avoid surprises, it is always a very good idea to estimate the required budget and a plan to fund it beforehand.

Web design Dubai price depends on a few main factors that we will go through shortly and provide you with a price guesstimation accordingly.

The main factors that impact the website development cost

There are many factors out there that are effective on the cost of developing a website. Here are the main elements that are highly effective on website building cost.

1. Website size

The bigger your website is, the higher the price will be. Depending on your website type, the size of your website differs, so does the cost. It goes without saying that the cost of a small restaurant website with a single page to introduce the foods, location and delivery service is far cheaper than an ecommerce website with hundreds of pages.

2. Host Service

A host service can be a shared hosting service which is the cheapest option, semi dedicated service and dedicated hosting service. Again, it depends on your website type to see which option is appropriate, so the price will be different depending on the chosen hosting service type.

3. Website Features

There are an endless number of features that can be added to a website for customer satisfaction purposes. However, depending on the business and website type and nature, some features are crucial and some others are useless. As such, depending on your website type, some features are required and the more features are designed for your website, the more money you must be spending.

4. SEO services

Having a good website without a proper SEO plan takes you nowhere. That’s why you must review different SEO packages in Dubai, to have a clue about the required budget and add it up to your website cost. Even though we are not talking about SEO cost in this article, we would like to highly emphasize that for creating a website to thrive, a SEO plan is a must.

There are dozens of other factors that are important to consider, though the type of website must be known, as those factors are more specific. However, if you have read the article with care so far, you must have noted that all the effective elements are dependent on the type of the business and the required website.

Website Types and Associated Cost to Build One



To provide a guesstimate for website design pricing, we have categorized the website types down to three main types. Service websites such as a restaurant, barber shop, bakery, etc. as the first category. The second category would be a corporate website that is aimed to be the showcase of the services that a company or firm is providing. The third type of website that is very popular these days is ecommerce. Now we will go through them one by one to see how much a website design in Dubai would roughly cost you.

1. Service website

A website for a small business like a restaurant, a local bakery or a barbershop down the road, normally needs no more than one page. In this case, the cost of a professional website development with all needed features, starts from AED 4,000. If the number of pages or your needed feature goes up, so does the price.

2. Corporate website

Depending on the size of the company and the website, the price varies. However a custom website designed specifically for the company from scratch, will cost you at least AED 12,000. The basic cost however, includes some basic features, multiple pages and dedicated UI/UX design.

3. ecommerce

Online stores, ecommerce and marketplace websites cost you more to develop, due to their nature. There are more features and pages required for such websites, so they cost more to develop. A typical ecommerce website costs at least AED 18 '000 and goes up depending on the size and features.


To start your online business, you must firstly understand the nature of your business and decide on the type of website you need for your business. Once done, estimate the required budget and have the money in hand to avoid issues across the way.

The website development cost that we have provided earlier in this article are only guesstimates for you to have a clue about the pricing. If you are after detailed information about the exact cost of your specific project, feel free to contact the Websima team, as one of the leading digital service providers in Dubai, to book for your free consultation meeting with their talented and professional team.

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