How much does a website design cost in Dubai?

How much does a website design cost in Dubai?

Competition is one-word many brand owners and organizations often dread, especially in an industry that has several organizations rendering services closely related to each other. 

Maybe it could be tiring, as there is always a need to keep doing more or find out what others could be doing differently to stay afloat. It gets easy if you have the right team that makes the workflow easier, but it is way easier if you have a digital presence; I mean, it's 2022, hello!

While you’re breathing on that, did you know that 9.98 million people are active internet users in the UAE [United Arab Emirates]? What is more exciting is that the UAE has a population of 10.08 million people. Did you get that? This means, everyone is on the internet, everyone... including your competitor.

In today’s post, I will like to share with you why you need a website for that business of yours, and how much a website design costs in Dubai. Perhaps, this will stir you up to seek assistance from the very best in web design and development in Dubai, The Watchtower, Dubai.


5 reasons your business needs a website?


1. You need visibility.

You may have to pardon me, as I will keep referencing the number of internet users in the UAE. Since there is a possibility of you being searched or a market to plug in, you should give it the best show in line with your content or service.


2. People need proof.

Have you been in a discussion when a person/business name comes up, and the other person inquires who the name is? The next thing someone says, ooh! I just checked them out on Google, and that solves all riddles for the inquisitive. People always need proof of what they hear. It is only normal.


3. It is your digital office.

The website will always serve as a resource pool for your audience at any time. Users can visit the website to get their hands-on information about your services and products. They could get your contact information, and address and could engage if there’s a chatbot or linked with other social media platforms for engagement.


4. Your competitors own one.

So, I heard you do not think it is essential. Perhaps, you were informed that owning a website is pretty expensive and takes time and money. Well, good things require time, effort, and money; especially things that come with a branding. Just so you know, your competitor owns a website, likewise other active social media platforms, please, do not sleep on getting yours now.


5. It is affordable.

Owning a website is not as difficult as searching for a needle in a haystack; while affordable is relative, the truth is that website designs are affordable, especially when you use the services of The Watchtower, Dubai. They help design, develop, and run your website with ease.


How much does a website design cost in Dubai?

While the cost of a website design may vary depending on the type of website and what the client requires, most website design costs would range between AED 4,000.00 to about AED 250,000.00. 

Remember there are different types of websites, and their purpose would significantly determine the work, which translates into skill, time, and money.

At The Watchtower Dubai, website design ideas and development are harnessed to ensure every client gets value for their money. This act is in their need to seek clarity on requests, feedback, and follow-up.

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