How much does it cost to hire a private jet to Dubai?

How much does it cost to hire a private jet to Dubai?
Flying first class is noble by all standards, I mean, don’t you just look at the priorities given to those considered First class passengers? The choice of a better meal, alcohol, extra legroom, blanket, and pillow for long trips, boycotting long queues on the check-in line, no hassles with the security, and an endless list depending on the airline you’re flying. Oh my! 

What more could be better than this, you ask? Well, my answer: Private Jet! 

The choice of flying a private jet is not to be compared to the nobility seen in flying first class. They are way different. From the convenience of avoiding boarding, luggage hustle, checking-in, flight cancellation, and the sorry state of being at the mercy of the commercial airline. Nah! A private jet is a bigger deal. 

If a private jet is a real deal, how much does it cost then? Well, this and more would we be addressing in this interesting read today. 
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How much does it cost to hire a private jet to Dubai? 
Well, there is a price for everything; and happiness certainly doesn’t come cheap. The cost of hiring a private jet to Dubai could vary, depending on where you are taking off. 

While the distance to be covered is a metric to the cost per hire, other worthy considerations make up the cost. 

7 determinants of the cost of hiring a private jet 
1. The type of aircraft.  
2. The trip length. 
3. The catering service provided. 
4. The place of demand versus supply. 
5. The airport landing fees and the idle time between flights. 
6. The number of people [s] if it is a hire or a charter. 
7. The private jet vendor. 

What several people don’t know is that the private jet charter services may be reconsidered considering the visible reduction of about 30% to 50% for private jet hire, thereby bringing them closer to the rates of first-class tickets on commercial carriers. 

If these are carefully reviewed you may just want to consider hiring a private jet over the first-class excuse of panache. 

How much do private jets cost to rent? 
Going by the metrics listed above, private jets may vary depending on size, purpose, availability, and perks attached. 

Having stated these, the choice of chartering a private jet can cost anywhere between AED 4,775.03 to AED 47,750.30, depending on the type of aircraft and the features. Can you fly a private jet to Dubai? 

There are no stringent airway laws against where a private jet could fly to or from, considering Dubai as a hotspot. 

Yes, you can fly a private jet to Dubai without any hassle in most cases. 

How do I book a private jet in Dubai? 
Well, since private jets are owned by private charter jet companies, booking gets easier with the internet space where you can simply use any of the social media platforms, or their website in most cases, or lastly, walk up to their office to place a booking. 

Advantages of flying a private jet
While many have disassociated themselves from the idea of flying private jet, owning to their thoughts that it is a bit pricey and unnecessary 

Here are some worthy reasons to fly a private jet, at least compared to First class

  1. Although I understand that flying on a private aircraft or first-class costs a lot of money, both provide passengers with perks they wouldn't experience in a commercial flight's economy cabin.
  2. You may need to consider timely services as CEOs or frontiers whose time is as important as their money. 
  3. Private jets provide more personalized facilities to guests than first-class trips. 
  4. If you are flying internationally, first-class may be far more economical than a private plane. 
  5. If you fly alone, flying first class is usually less expensive than purchasing a ticket on a charter plane. 
  6. With private jets, you tend to avoid longboarding, and check-in, luggage handling, and a handful of more. 
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