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How Much Does it Cost to Print Out Business cards?

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For me, business cards are quite as important as the brand itself, since they often time are the validation for the next level of communication. It helps the receiver have a clearer mental picture of what your brand renders and stands for; it creates an impression beyond the spoken words and good delivery you must have displayed.

If a card is as sensitive as being a determinant for giving me audience or worthy of consideration in the case where a card was suggested to another person, how much would it cost you to print this type of business card?

Thinking on the flip side, I believe printing a business card could cost more things than money since it is also a staff of your organization; therefore, there is a need to invest time with professionals to run a good design and matching colours. Choosing the right fonts, tag line, colour blend, logo, details of information provided on the business card, the type of card to be used, and who to cut your business card are all valuable to the outlook of this card.

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The true validator for purchase is understanding the value, provided resources are available. This gives reason to why a collector could place some value over artwork or why one settles to buy anything compared to the next option. 

In this article, I would be sharing with you the price to pay for value; the value of the perfect business card you picture. Now, I didn’t go through all the stress in building your thoughts in the paragraphs above only for you to settle for a shabby card with letterings, No! 

How to pick the perfect business card. 

You should consider choosing 350 to 400 GSM quality paper material for that professional feel from a position of value since it stands out from the rest of its competition.

If you want to save money on printing, try using regular paper material with lamination. [You don't want that, do you?]

Depending on the company working on your card, the bouquets could vary on the card type, talking about the packages e.g.: Standard Business card, Express Business card, and Budget Business card. While I would have jumped on the prices of this service and their bouquet, however, it would be also fair to introduce that there are card types with finishing ranging from Black and White to some extra beauty. Kindly see the list below for your information.

Examples of Card types for consideration.

Just like the good problem of having a tough time picking the perfect flowers from a florist. Picking the perfect card type that best suit could be time-consuming and mind wandering especially if you are pretty much adventurous and exceptional in striking mesmerizing statements.


Painted edge-colored business cards are still new to many. This design permits your business card to shine with bold red borders. This card type/print looks better on thick stocks, which makes them durable. 

This Card with 700 GSM, 90 x 55 mm paper size, costs about AED 300 for 50 pieces.


As innovation design gets more creative over the days, the acceptance of special skills to imbibe into deliveries is apt. The double-layered fold is a good way to stand out, but still requires your content on the card.

This card with 350 GSM, 50 x 180 mm paper size costs about AED 130.


This soft-feel type of card permits you to emboss or deboss, hot foiling, and even 3D spot UV on the stock.

This card is 330 GSM, 90 x 55 mm paper size, costs about AED 660.00 per 500 copies.


Just as the name implies, the subject card provides a clear print with the 3D design and print.

This card with 350 GSM, 90 x 55 mm paper size - has varying prices depending on your plug.

While the card types are not limited to the listed above, a good way of enjoying the professional advice and more information on the card types and design would be to consider OBL Prints as your one-stop plug.

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