How Social Media helps Fashion Brands in Dubai?

How Social Media helps Fashion Brands in Dubai?
Fashion in Dubai has been seen as more than a big deal, especially in the UAE [United Arab Emirates] where it has been recognized as a lucrative and growing sector of businesses in Dubai.  

Going through its track record via Statista Market Forecast, concluded in the year 2021, Dubai was seen to have generated US$2,337 million as revenue, and with its annual growth rate of about 11.88%, Dubai may even exceed predictions of $3,662 million market volume by 2025 according to Statista Market Forecast. 

Perhaps the fashion business could have seen better light in Dubai, or across the UAE in recent years if not for the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, forming the need for business owners to re-strategize. A good tool that was considered for fashion was social media; which brought everything that could have appeared distant closer to every online user/internet surfer. 

How well did social media help fashion brands in Dubai? This amongst other vitals would I point out in this article today. I guarantee you it’s a good read. 

What about social media? 
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Social media has been seen as a viable tool in online marketing that helps bring interaction on a platform between at least two people for different purposes ranging from brand awareness, sale of goods/service, need for a call to action [CTA], or more. 

Social media has debunked the earlier rule of “you cannot mix business with pleasure”, since these days that is the whole idea of business, especially via social media. Social media creators with the aid of web developers have understood that they need their users to see using their applications as fun, whereby they can subtly push another salient purpose under. A good example of another salient purpose is online marketing. 

How social media helps fashion brands in Dubai
By 2023, eCommerce and online sales are expected to account for 32% of the overall market value in Dubai. Despite suffering a blow just like every other sector in business during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the fashion business in Dubai had sought a new mode of operation in eCommerce and has slowly been growing, gathering momentum, and converting conventional retail customers who had been acquainted with the process of the ideal brick-and-mortar store to virtual customers. 

Social media has helped fashion stores get closer, and personal with customers compared to before. They have included unique features like their 24 hours service, Augmented reality [AR] for their clothes testing/sample, provision of live chats to entertain any possible inquiry, complaint, or request, likewise a long list of FAQs to clear possible doubts and save time shopping. 

Asides from the above grounds covered, below are 5 ways social media helps fashion brands in Dubai. 

5 ways social media helps fashion brands in Dubai
1. Social media helps with brand visibility. 
2. Social media has bridged the gap considering all COVID-19 measures on social distancing, and the likes, therefore keeping you safer than going outside. 
3. Social media has helped save time, and money for going to physical stores or offices to complete transactions. 
4. Social media has helped users consult a variety of options before settling for a pick, especially in a perfect market. 
5. Social media has provided information to its fashion audience, where customers and prospects can keep up with updates. 

How do you market a clothing brand on social media? 
A clothing brand is better advertised on social media with a model, or an influencer who poses in the outfit, and with the aid of a good camera/photoshoot session, an image can be easily projected. 

Social media is all about perception, and to outlast the other [the market is competitive], there is the need to be better-perceived ideal than the others. 

A good option would also be the use of engaging, and detailed content writing to help shape a mental picture in the minds of the audience. 

Which social media platform is best for fashion brands? 
Just as mentioned in the last sub-topic, fashion brands are all about painting a mental picture in the hearts of the audience to convert them into a customer. Therefore, there is a need to use engaging platforms that helps with pictures and videos. 

I’ll recommend that you make use of at least both Instagram, and TikTok as your go-to social media platform for your fashion brand. 

How do you promote a fashion brand? 
You can only promote your fashion brand if you let out content. Let out pictures, videos, and materials that get you ahead of competitors. 
In case you have forgotten, your competitors are doing this, so don’t be left out. 
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