How the Latest iOS 16 From Apple Can Make Your Life Better

How the Latest iOS 16 From Apple Can Make Your Life Better
I know! I know you recently downloaded iOS 15.6 and you were quick to conclude that that was all that mattered about life using an iPhone. Well, perhaps you are right, but what if you could even do much more with the latest iOS 16 than the features of iOS 15.6? Would you consider it? 

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What makes the iOS 16 upgrade spectacular? 

There is almost an endless list of upgrades done on the software, not only to enhance the device but primarily to ensure that the user enjoys a smoother and sleeker way to use the Apple phone. Below are some of the interesting features that have been tweaked in iOS 16 to make your life better. 

1. Messages 
With the iOS version, you can edit your message for up to 15 minutes after sending it. Although the recipients will see a record of edits made to the original message, 

You can unsend any message sent 2 minutes after sending it. Deleted messages on your phone can be retrieved 30 days after they are deleted. 
You could also send an invitation to collaborate on a project in Messages, and everyone on the thread will be added to the project. 

2. Siri. 
Just because phone usage can be a lot easier than you have ever considered, with the new iOS, Siri has been extended to perform more features like hang up the call, insert emojis when sending a message with Siri, and you can also utilize Siri's capabilities by asking Siri its view on a new app or feature on your mobile phone. 

3. Maps. 
Apple has added extra ease to the logic of mapping and transport. A good upgrade would be the inclusion of how the map tells you your transit fares when in transit. It also allows you to add a card to your wallet and notifies you when the balance is low. You could also include multiple stops on your device, should you intend to. 

4. Lock Screen. 
I bet you never knew there could be a time like this when you can lock your phone and then customize the font, color, or placement of elements on your lock screen by tapping the element. You get the perks of iOS intelligently suggesting a picture for your home screen.  

You can also enjoy the uniqueness of the photo shuffle that the iPhone randomly displays on your lock screen. 

While on the lock screen, you get to enjoy weather updates ranging from astronomy to the solar system all day as the weather changes.

5. Home. 
A completely new design for the Home app makes it simpler to navigate, arrange, and manage all of your accessories. The performance, efficiency, and dependability of your smart home are improved through changes to the underlying architecture. Some of the improved changes are the Widgets, which let you see the status of your home and access your favorite accessories right through the Lock Screen. 

You will also notice the tile design that has been changed and is now more visible for identification compared to before. 

6. Health 
This is now more interesting than it was before. Now you can create a medication list to track your vitamins and supplements. You can also create a schedule for when you are supposed to take your medication. 

To keep you well informed, you can be provided more information on the medication you’re taking, including how to pronounce it, its benefits, and the side effects. 

For those having their menstrual cycles, you get to be notified if you have a delay, irregularities, prolonged or extra information on your cycle. 

7. Security. 
I guess it will do us all good to know that there are new measures to improve the security of the phone and data. Well, to start with, with iOS 16, you can now enjoy face recognition on the go as well. However, this is limited to the models of the phone.  

The lockdown mode was also introduced to curb certain functions and drastically lower the possible attack surface that highly tailored mercenary spyware may potentially exploit. 

8. Fitness. 
Without the Apple watch, you can track and monitor your fitness using iPhone motion sensors, which cover every one of your activities daily and give you a tab on how many calories you have lost or otherwise. 

In conclusion, the iOS 16 version is all shades of upgraded and it has something for everyone who has imbibed the new work culture of ease. You should try it!
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