How TikTok is used in Digital Marketing

How TikTok is used in Digital Marketing
TikTok is that pretty next-door neighbour you never knew you had until there was a fire outbreak and everyone had to run outside for the fire department to do their bit. I mean, is it just me who didn’t know TikTok until the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020? 

What a vast majority may not know is that this social media app was created as far back as 2016 to create short videos that span for 15 seconds [or a total of 60 seconds] for the sake of anything. Just reel out amazing content that engages people, and then boom! It goes viral.  

TikTok app was a worthy companion during the lockdown just like its rival app Triller. It was sought as a big distraction to the woes of the pandemic, as people created engaging content that went viral in no time.  

But could there be more to TikTok than just a preference for leisure? In today’s article, I will help you better understand how TikTok can be used as a digital marketing tool in this 4th industrial revolution age. 

What is TikTok? 
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TikTok is a social media app designed to help create content using short video clips. TikTok was invented in 2016 by ByteDance in China with the name Douyin. While TikTok was considered an app used for pranks, jokes, and all video-related content, TikTok didn’t get enough buzz until after it merged with a Chinese social media app by the name, and was available on iOS and Android in 2018. 

No doubt, TikTok went viral in the year 2020 during the lockdown, likewise other social media apps like Triller, Zoom, just to mention a few. 

Is TikTok a digital medium? 
As the world suddenly changed queue from analogue media to digital, several virtual platforms have been considered as a relevant tool for mass media. Although designed for the consumption of leisure, TikTok as a social media app is a good example of digital media. 

TikTok is a type of digital media given to the fact that it carries a video form of content that is easily disseminated via the digital space and can be shared within and across platforms. 

Is TikTok good for marketing?  
What you should know by now is that marketing has gone beyond the conventional platform. Considering the 4th industrial revolution which beams light on digital media, any avenue to render service via the digital space has been infused with some form of marketing. some good examples are Facebook which was designed to keep in touch with loved ones, Instagram to tell a story via pictures, Google to help search for your thoughts; but what do they have in common, they have been able to infuse marketing into their main service, leveraging on the availability and utilization rate of active users on their platforms. 

TikTok is a good tool for marketing considering its long list of followership and active users. It has been observed that TikTok currently has over 1 billion users globally, which translates to your audience/reach which makes it a viable tool for marketing. 

Is TikTok the future of digital marketing? 
With a database of active users reaching over a billion in just concluded 2021, and a never relenting pace with its updates on Augmented Reality to keep the users and interaction more interesting, TikTok is here at least for now, perhaps until a new app sweeps in. 

TikTok is one of the digital marketing platforms everyone should jump on, if not for anything, leverage on the number of active users and the possible reach your business could have. 

There are different features on the app that if utilized well enough, can get you your intended audience. 

Is TikTok Safe? 
The digital space is closer to you than you could ever imagine; this is something we have to thank Globalization for. Just as digital media has made communication length shorter and faster, there have been concerns about how safe the social media app TikTok is, especially when there was a privacy issue sometime back.  

Well, reports confirmed that TikTok does not have end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp and similar social media apps. In this bit, I will suggest that you avoid clicking links from unknown sources amongst other caution you would need to make.  
TikTok is a viable tool and worthy consideration in digital media for that reach you long for. 
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