How To Choose The Right PPC Agency

How To Choose The Right PPC Agency
If you want to grow your business through a good digital marketing strategy, hiring a PPC agency onboard is just what you need. An experienced agency, with the right skills, will be competent to craft a strategy particular to your business needs. 

The issue is, how to find the right PPC agency? Finding a proper agency is a complex process that you shouldn’t rush. Rushing raises the chance that you wind up employing an unqualified, unreliable, or high-priced agency that might not have the best intentions. 

Normally, you’ll want to get it done as soon as possible, but believe us when we say that’s something you need to take slowly. In this article, we'll guide you through how to pick the best and most reliable PPC advertising agency for your business.

With our five tips, the process will be less burdensome, and you won’t fall into any associated traps.

Inspect Their Portfolio
First of all, you need to look at the agency’s portfolio. Take a look at the results they achieved with their past clients and find out how they achieved them. Did they utilize any particular strategies? How much time did they spend on getting those results? Which platforms do they use most? What kind of clients have they worked with?

These are all significant questions, particularly the last one. For example, let’s say you are looking into a PPC agency in Dubai, but your business is based in the US. If the agency hasn’t worked with an international client before, more testing will be necessary even though they won’t be going in blind. However, that alone isn’t a reason to overlook an agency. It just means that things might be a bit slower at first.

Go Through Their Client List
If you want to go any further, then examine their client list. Reviews are a great indicator of how satisfied clients were with the service they received, but video testimonials outperform any other type of review. 

Video testimonials are more authentic and harder to fake. Additionally, if someone is willing to record a video on behalf of an agency, this is a definitive sign that they are happy with the work that they received.

You could even reach out to some clients. Get in touch with them to ask some questions about the agency’s process and whether or not they’d recommend them.

Ask Direct Questions
Once you get in touch with a PPC agency and consider hiring them, ensure you ask them questions. Here are some for you:

  1. What are some agreeable goals to specify? Although you have some in mind, it’s great to have an idea of what they think is feasible. That also provides you with an idea of how confident they are in managing your ad campaign.
  2. What is their pricing model? You wouldn't want to be caught by surprise once you receive the invoice. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask them about their prices. 
  3. What is their long-term strategy? It takes a while to see results PPC advertising, and being informed about what a long-term strategy for your business would look like will give you a clearer idea of what you can expect.

What’s most important is that you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable asking questions. Bear in mind, that they will be working for you, and you will be paying them. So, you should ask any questions you have and ensure there are no misconceptions about their services.

Know How Much You Will Be Spending
A usual misconception that small businesses have is misunderstanding how much they’ll be spending on paid ads. When you pay a PPC agency there are generally two charges: the agency’s price and your ad cost.

Many times business owners assume that how much they recompense the agency is the sole charge, but that’s incorrect. Your ad cost is separate and has to be big enough so the agency can work efficiently. You may be able to pay the agency’s $3,000 monthly check, but can you also afford the additional $5,000 ad cost?

Don’t Ignore the Red Flags
It’s often easy to pay no attention to the agency’s red flags because everything else looks flawless, but be careful not to fall into that trap. For example, the most usual red flag is when an agency guarantees results. From a business perspective, that promise seems encouraging – everyone wants an assurance that they’ll receive a certain degree of service. 

However, when it comes to marketing, it’s simply impossible to promise anything. Campaigns are continuously shifting, and it’s uncertain whether a campaign will give good results. If an agency continues to guarantee you any kind of results, bypass them.

Final Words
It’s crucial to feel confident with your PPC agency, in the end, you’re relying on them to boost your brand and grow your business. So, follow these steps to ensure you make the best decision. 

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