How to get a UAE Health card

How to get a UAE Health card
The place of belief is very sensitive since there is a supreme being to which we reverence, and lay our petitions. A shield of protection is therefore certain for us, that we are shielded from the happenstance of life.  

While we allow the Supreme being to play the major role, it is essential we as mortals do our bits as humans, this could mean staying healthy by eating right, frequent health check-ups, and daily exercise. 

The UAE [United Arab Emirates] holds high the welfare and healthcare of every citizen, thereby providing a hospitable healthcare system to ensure that professionals can tend to the need of every Emirati possibly without any form of complication. 

Today, we would consider the healthcare sector, where we address the UAE health card, its use, how to go about getting yours, and the benefits that come with owning one. 

What is the UAE Health card? 
The UAE Health card is a type of health insurance that requires a one-time yearly payment which saves you money on medical expenditures in the long term. The UAE health card entitles you to access subsidized medical treatments and healthcare facilities at government institutions.  

The UAE Health card is valuable, as health cardholders are eligible for health and treatment services from MOHAP [Ministry of Health and Protection] health facilities. 

What is the use of Health cards in the UAE? 
Owning a health card in the UAE provides you access to a steady healthcare system at a subsidized rate compared to visiting the private hospitals which comes at more expense since they are not regulated by governmental bodies asides from their license. 

Perhaps this may not come in handy until you have had the experience to compare, but if the information is anything to go by, the UAE Health card will save you from excess healthcare bills while providing you access to good healthcare. 

It is pertinent to also note that obtaining a Dubai Health Card is beneficial not just to adults but also to children. Amongst the benefits of the Health, the card is that children get free immunizations from birth until about grade 11. 

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Is a Health card mandatory in UAE? 
People frequently wonder if a health card is required in the UAE. To be honest, a health card in the UAE is not required, although it is encouraged. 

Every citizen in the UAE is encouraged to obtain health insurance coverage. In the UAE, having a health insurance plan is mandatory, and if you don't have one, you should consider getting a health card at the very least. 

How can I get UAE health card? 
The UAE health card can easily be gotten by residents, citizens, ex-pats, and diplomats provided they can provide all the required documents. 

The health card can be applied using two simple methods: 
You could either visit one of the medical facilities that host this service for the applicant. A visit to the Primary Healthcare Centers of Dubai is also considered if you intend to do a request in person. 

You could also choose to go on the website of the Dubai Health Authority.  

If you intend to use the website, below are some steps to guide you. 
1. Enter your username and password to access the DAH e-services site. If you do not already have an account, create one by clicking on the option below the sign-in area. 
2. You may log in with either your DHA or UAE Pass account. 
3. Go to the DHA medical card application submission portal after you've logged in. Fill out and submit the application form.
4. Here you may pay the application and service cost. 
NOTE: Reviewed and approved applicants will be contacted via text. this means your health card is now linked directly to your emirates ID; therefore, you could consider using the services before you get the physical card. 

How do I get an MoH Health card? 
Individual applicants can get an MoH [Ministry of Health] card at their local health facility or at the MoH headquarters in Karama, Bur Dubai, in the Health Card Section.

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