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How to Grow Organically on Tik Tok

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Tik Tok is the fastest growing social network, with over 1 billion users globally. It is fair to say that Tik Tok has captured the teen, Gen Z, demographic, but you shouldn’t assume that other older demographics are not engaged on the platform. On the contrary, the scope of users of Tik Tok is vast and growing.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where organic growth is deliberately stifled to encourage greater use of ad spends, Tik Tok still has significant organic growth opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore specific steps you can take to maximise the organic growth of the business or individual accounts on Tik Tok. If you don’t have time to build out your Tik Tok following you can always engage with a digital marketing agency in Dubai such as TheWatchTower.com or Sudan Digital.

Content Content Content

Content is the centrepiece of the platform. However, unlike other platforms, Tik Tok actively encourages mimicry of trending content. Trends appear almost hourly in different categories, so be sure to stay in touch with the key content creators in your categories. The quicker you can create content based on existing trends, the larger the wave of growth that you’ll experience. Equally, create original content and post regularly. There’s no penalty for posting lots of content, so if you have 3 content ideas a day, post them all. However, as with all social networks, consistency is critical, so it’s better to post 1 a day every day than 3 a day than nothing for a week.

Hash Tags

The character limits within Tik Tok makes hashtag selection significantly more important than on any other platform. The use of “king” hashtags (high volume high competition) should be limited to posts where you truly believe the content has the chance of virality. Otherwise, stick to hashtags that are reasonable in size giving you a genuine chance of ranking.


Engagement is as important as the content on Tik Tok. You have to set time aside every day to engage with your existing and prospective audience. The more you engage the more engagement you’ll get in return. Engagement takes a number of forms, and there are some activity limits that apply, so take the time to plan your engagement strategy before diving right in:


A simple like goes a long way. Take the time to find content that your prospective audience is likely to engage with or, or hashtags that are in your target list, and like content that appeals to you. Currently, Tik Tok limits you to 500 likes per day. Don’t be random. If you only truly like 300 bits of content then that’s better than liking 500 random pieces of content.


When something really catches your eye comment on it. Don’t be generic. Comment something meaningful, and ideally with a question or a call to action. So “that’s such an amazing video, how long did it take you to perfect it?” is better than “wow that’s cool”.


Tik Tok limits you to 200 follows per day. Use them! Follow people who you want to follow, but be sure to check that the accounts are active and engaging. There are lots of inactive accounts on Tik Tok, and you don’t want to waste a follow on someone who has no chance of following you back.


Reaching out to prospective followers with your content is a great way to engage with people. However don’t be spammy, take the time to write something meaningful and engaging.

Replying - Reply to comments and messages quickly. The Tik Tok algorithm appears to reward accounts that are responsive and active with greater reach.


There’s still a huge opportunity for organic growth on Tik Tok, so take time to make the most of it. These simple daily strategies shouldn’t take more than 1 hour per day when you get into a routine, but you’ll see the impact in just a week. Good Luck and Happy Tik Toking.

Author: Aziz Musa, CEO of Sudan Digital

About The Company: Sudan Digital is a pure-play digital marketing agency in Dubai and Khartoum. 

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