How to Harness Pre-Outreach Strategy's Power

How to Harness Pre-Outreach Strategy's Power
Long before you click "publish," you can start gaining visibility for your material. The following information will help you create a pre-outreach strategy that works.

The key to success in the world of digital marketing is traffic. Additionally, a high volume of traffic is typically a sign that your material has been successfully promoted to gain links and social media shares.

But even the most well-known blogs occasionally run into trouble with this. Seriously. Unbelievably, sometimes even the most seasoned digital content producers with the most attentive viewers have trouble getting the necessary interaction.

This may be discouraging if you operate a small blog.

What chance do you have that your grandma's cheesecake recipe will go viral if Seth Godin's posts aren't shared?

Sure, it's the best cheesecake ever made, but how do you get people to rave about it and spread the word about it in their social circles?

A pre-outreach strategy is a quick trick that I'd like to share with you.

Why is that, you ask? After your release, the work you put in before content drops will pay off. It is building connections with journalists, editors, and other bloggers, as well as with business leaders in the industry.

In most cases, this is a two-way street where you collaborate with someone to promote their work and they do the same for you.

And what's really amazing about it is that it's not just for blogging. Pre-outreach can also be used to link social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing efforts.

Even when you are not publishing fresh material, if your pre-outreach approach is successful, your traffic gain will be steady. wonderful, isn't it?

Let's then get started on developing and putting into practice a pre-outreach strategy that can drive links and shares for all of your material.

Before we begin, there is something you should be aware of: Using a pre-outreach strategy may not be the best use of your time if your company lacks awareness.

The best course of action would be for you to first concentrate on raising your profile. When you've finished, go back and review your initial outreach strategy.

1. Check your circles.

Whenever I begin a pre-outreach campaign, I usually compile a list of the experts and partners I frequently work with on content promotion.

If you have a spreadsheet with their names and contact information, or a CRM system like Nimble or Pitchbox, this step is quick and simple.

I advise going over your current subscription and social media follower lists. There is a decent probability that some of them would be interested in spreading your content.

2. Developing Links Outside Your Circles

To build enough ties, you must reach out to individuals outside of your network of contacts. Pre-outreach is a fantastic way to "warm up" people and develop relationships with them right now.

The key in this situation is to first offer connections. By doing so, you'll pre-outreach value and advantages, and they'll feel like they owe you.
It's important to note that this activity could take a lot of time if you are unfamiliar with the industry expertise.

These are the most effective steps you can take:

1. Find Subject Matter Experts Who Frequently Write Guest Posts for Different Blogs

You might start by looking through websites that accept guest posting opportunities to compile a list of contributors.

You may also visit BuzzSumo and use the "Top Authors" function to run a report using any keyword associated with your pre-outreach content.
The next step is to search the author list for writers who contribute to several blogs.

2. Build A Strong Value Proposition

Since most of us are not as well-known as Matthew Woodward or Rand Fishkin, it is crucial to develop a compelling value proposition.

In our situation, the easiest way is to request the following from possible linkers:

If they are willing and have the time, add their quotes.

Ask them if they have a post they'd want to reference once you've shared your final draft.

Both approaches provide them with something of value and aid in building a mutually advantageous connection.

Additionally, I urge you to read this post, which can help you improve the response rates to your email outreach.

Providing value to people you don't know is the key to working with them.

Sending cold emails to a large group of people may sound more approachable, but spending time and effort cultivating connections with specialists will pay off. In the future, you two might even collaborate on link development.

3. Start cultivating rewarding connections.

Consequently, what's left for you to do is carry out your pre-outreach strategy once you're sure that you now have a firm grasp of what it is.

Unfortunately, it's not quite as simple as it sounds, as you'll soon find out. In reality, you might come across several challenges whenever supposedly ideal connecting partners do not respond to your emails or fail to provide the shares you were hoping for.

Do not lose heart. You're using a long-term strategy. And if you reach out to people with ideas that will be beneficial to them, you will build the network and get the exposure you require.
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