How to Have a Memorable November

How to Have a Memorable November
I have always loved the idea of learning. It was more like an edge, especially out of the course of the information in my scope. It is like a man seeing tomorrow before others get the idea of sunrise. I love it! 

In this not-so-usual path, I have come across something interesting as the 5Ps which finds meaningful use in all cadre of reasoning. The 5 Ps are: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Away from what appears as distant lingua, this simply means good planning makes good results. 

As the month slowly fades out, and the joy of another month which signifies the second notch in the last quarter dawns on us, it is pertinent to note that your dreams are still achievable. And this post will help with some unique pointers to help you review, strategize, plan and then achieve results, perhaps than you least imagined. 

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If you have come this far, I celebrate you. 

It is easy to get sapped out by the happenings around the world. Whether you are a business person or diligently buried in work as a 9-5, it is only fair to commend yourself for showing up.  

On the global front, we have had the wind of recession cripple down the limbs of every enterprise. Those who have fully embraced digital tools are slightly immune from the reality of life, especially when COVID-19 came with the pandemic. 

Thinking about it again, several things have happened to burn one out, and if you live in a third-world country, then this page is wholly dedicated to you. 

Having stated the obvious, should this deny us the pang to do great things or achieve goals? No, I beg to differ. 

Can I still achieve my goals this last quarter of 2022? 

Yes, your goals are still achievable and you can still attain a better mark than you best imagined. After all, who said it was over? 

For some who believe in the pact of divinity, it is perhaps easier to hold unto the grasp of possibility than sheer happenstance. The others left on the table can leverage universal laws that have over time proven resourceful with more positive results than flaws. 

Here are some pointers that can help have a memorable November. 

  1. Review your laid down goals. If you never listed the details and pointers for each of them earlier, you may need to include them now. 
  2. You can check on the things that have been accomplished. 
  3. You can point out those that were yet to be fully attained and are still in process. 
  4. Identify those that were not achieved from the pointers, and break them into bits. 
  5. Consider the possible luck/miracle that could happen to provide you with those achievements that appear bleak to achieve. 
  6. Aside from extra work hours that can be invested to speed up the process for your results, consider a possible need to delegate or seek assistance. Who could that be and where did the assistance come from? Since burning out is not an option, seek assistance/collaboration/affiliation for this journey. 
  7. In line with your newly identified pointers, remember you are out of options, so go ahead, and take the last option of eating that frog. You will be amazed at the possible doors that get opened when you try. What is the worst thing that could ever happen? 
  8. You need to have a positive mindset. If you are surrounded by people who only see flaws, and gripes, it may mess up your vision, that all you see are flaws, instead of beyond your phase. 
  9. There are endless opportunities in the place of networking. With a mindset that accommodates social networking, you can sell your dreams [moderately] when opportunity knocks on your door instead of being in a remote space. 
  10. It is important to believe in yourself through this journey. Remember, only you know what the dream was all about, that is why we sleep differently. Exude confidence in your process always, and in due time, all will fall into place. 


If there is something to hold on to in this entire article, it must remain that prior planning prevents poor performance. For better results, there is a need to adequately plan and conduct a SWOT analysis where necessary, but more importantly, ensure that you remain focused on your goals. 
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