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How to improve SEO ranking on Google

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Perhaps you had considered paid adverts like Google ads being the deciding factor to earn a front-page or increase ranking on Google, or you have simply relied on the efforts buried into quality content writing and catchy captions or premium service as a parameter to earning Google ranking. Well, I would not be quick to throw all these away as they have a way of influencing, however, if you read through to the end, I will be more than glad to show you a few tricks to aid your business. 

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] ranking on Google is continual and intentional energy directed to influencing how your SERP [Search Engine Result Pages] is influenced to increase rank due to the ever-changing Google Algorithms. 

In this article, we shall be examining schemes to increase SEO ranking on Google for your business page. 
To start with, we can sum up numbers if you can’t even identify your numbers correctly; in this context, there are some vitals we need to address before getting you started and this would ensure your website is up and running well. 

This simply means that your webpage has no delay in loading, the navigation is a smooth ride, your domain name/URL [Uniform Resource Locator] is easy to remember and you have quality pictures where necessary. These are vital pillars that hold the structure; now that they are identified, let's get into the main dish. 

The Watchtower - Webdesign Agency, Dubai, is a trusted name if you are seeking an online presence that listens and interprets your vision clearly through the deployment of professional skills in digital marketing and SEO tools to improve your sales and ranking.

5 Ways to Increase your SEO ranking on Google

One of the most effective strategies to boost visitors and enhance your search rank is to have high-quality content on your website. In a blog post about page experience, Google stated that having outstanding, relevant content on a website is more essential for ranking than page experience. Make certain that your material is error-free, keyword-rich, mobile-optimized, designed to meet the unique demands of your target audience, and provides relevant connections to more internal and external information. 

Not only can headers make your material more accessible and understandable for humans and search engines alike, but there is also a strong link between the usage of header tags in the body of your content and Google search rank. Header tags are also useful for displaying the structure of your content and emphasizing crucial points. 

Backlinks, or connections from other websites to yours, are one of Google's most strongly weighted ranking criteria. Incoming links from high-authority domains to your website content demonstrate your site's authority, drive visitors, and boost your search rating. 

The place of keyword research is a critical component of an efficient inbound marketing plan. You won't get very far unless you grasp how it works. It is, therefore, tantamount to understand the select words to use be it informational or transactional. 

To ensure this goal is effective, there is a need to identify the keywords that your target audience uses to locate your website. You could leverage on your competitors if they have a lead and are outranking you in Google search results, it would be safe to spy on them. This affords you the option to study and imitate their techniques if the search algorithm likes them. Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool that provides an accurate assessment of a competitor’s keywords. 

To be a professional in this feat, there is a need to constantly update and evolve with your knowledge bank. Considering that the Google algorithm is volatile and therefore differs over time, understanding the methodology is key to avoid getting penalties. 

According to MOZ, it is observed that Google changes its algorithm between 500-600 times in a year. While Google seldom makes update announcements; the algorithm's actual inner workings are never clear. I would believe this is Google’s aim to ensure that rankings are genuine; to think that if everyone knew exactly how to rank their page without being penalized for using shortcuts, Google would not be able to rank credible results.  

For more scoop on ways to improve your ranking on Google, SEO techniques to grow your traffic, and Digital marketing, you can always rely on The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, Dubai. 

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