How to lock a Facebook profile in 2021

How to lock a Facebook profile in 2021
Facebook gives its users a large group of security alternatives, including the capacity to bolt/ lock your profile. Locking a client's profile shows just a restricted perspective on the profile to individuals who are not on the friend's list on Facebook. A locked profile will show photographs and posts on the timetable, profile picture and cover photographs, stories, and new presents just on individuals who are on the friend's list. Likewise, their 'Public' posts won't be public any longer and simply noticeable to friends. 

On the off chance that you wish to lock your Facebook profile, you can either do it from the versatile application or your program, notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that the work area form of Facebook doesn't have the alternative to bolt your profile, yet there is a workaround. 

Additionally, this component is restricted to the Android application. Peruse on to discover,

How you can lock your Facebook profile using the Facebook application on Android

  1. Open the Facebook application and tap on your profile
  2. Tap the three-speck menu symbol close to 'Add to Story'
  3. Here, you should see a Lock Profile choice, tap on it
  4. The following page will give you a brief on how it functions with a choice to Lock Your Profile at the base, tap on it
  5. You should see a spring up that says 'You Locked Your Profile', tap on OK
How to lock your Facebook profile using desktop:
While there is no immediate method to bolt your application from the program, there is a workaround that you can utilize if you don't approach the portable application: 
  1. Head to
  2. Snap-on your profile symbol in the URL, supplant 'www' with 'm' so the URL presently peruses “”
  3. This will take you to a versatile form of Facebook on your work area program and you should see a three-dab menu close to the Edit Profile choice
  4. In the three-dab menu, you should see the Lock Profile choice and click on it
  5. Very much like the Android form, this next page will show you how bolting functions, with an alternative to Lock Your Profile at the base. Snap-on it
  6. Your profile is presently locked
  7. iOS clients can utilize the work area workaround to bolt their profiles or acquire an Android gadget and follow the previously mentioned steps. 
Once you have followed the above steps, your profile will get locked and it will also display a message saying that the profile has been locked whenever a stranger visits your profile. 

On the off chance that you need to open your Facebook profile, the means are something similar on both the versatile application and work area. Instead of the Lock Profile choice, you will currently see an Unlock Profile choice, tap on it and hit Unlock on the following screen. You will see a brief on how opening your profile functions and an alternative to Unlock Your Profile at the base, click on it and your profile will be opened.

However, Before presenting a profile lock highlight, Facebook previously had an alternative called 'Profile Picture Guard' which permitted clients to lock their profile picture from profile guests. The element is as yet accessible and it forestalls profile guests from review or downloading a profile photograph on their gadgets. Concerning the new 'Facebook Profile Lock' highlight, it can likewise help clients conceal their profile subtleties and different exercises on their course of events, including posts.

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