How to Make a Survey for Your Delivery Company and Grow Your Efficiency

How to Make a Survey for Your Delivery Company and Grow Your Efficiency
Today it's hard to imagine a profitable business without a strong and reliable delivery service. It is an essential component of customer service. Though the delivery business is quite profitable, competition is fierce, and in order to stand out, you must provide excellent customer service and remain dependable.

If you want to learn how to run a successful delivery business or improve your current one, as well as what questions to ask your customers to get to the point, then let’s dive in. 

No long way without a marketing plan

No matter what kind of business you are going to run, first of all you should write a marketing plan. Who is your target audience? What is your service advantage? What is your main message? Your marketing plan should have clear answers to all mentioned above questions.

In your marketing plan, you should also define your main goal and the steps to reach it. Also do not forget about competition analysis. 

An online store is a must!

It is not a secret that eCommerce is booming. Coronavirus has led to many changes in the shopping market. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to shop online. Bloomberg estimates that the global eCommerce market will be worth USD 16 trillion by 2027. This mind-blowing prediction insists that online stores are a must in order to have an efficient business. 

Setting up an online store can be quite challenging. There are some eCommerce platforms to create an online shop. One of them is WooCommerce, where it is possible to smoothly convert a standard WordPress operating system into a functional eCommerce store. Here is a complete guide where you can learn how to set up shipping in WooCommerce

After setting up your online store, think about your storage space, where you can place all the goods. You can integrate modula systems to fully optimize your space. 

Safe and timely shipping

Ensuring safe and timely shipping is key to the success of every delivery company. When it comes to delivery of their commodity customers are sensitive․ On-time deliveries increase customer satisfaction, which benefits your business. 

You can face a situation when you have a large number of goods to deliver, some of which may be delayed. In this case, you should prioritize products that have expiration dates for example, and should organize and deliver them first. 

Sometimes, because of unexpected circumstances, the delivery can be late. No matter the reason, your customers won’t be satisfied if they do not get their goods at the expected time. All the delivery companies have encountered these issues. To reduce them you should improve your delivery service. And it’s not a one-time task. You should always measure delivery time, point out the issues, analyze them, and find solutions. 

The most common causes of late deliveries are traffic jams and difficulty in locating potential areas. Your couriers should think about potential problems ahead of time in order to solve them quickly. The Courier Delivery Operations course can help your couriers to improve their current performance.   

Ideally you can have a route manager, who will coordinate drivers’ scheduling and will plan routes and timetables. Route managers also handle customer complaints, delays and deal with accidents. Put it simply, route managers will save you a lot of hassle.

Your packaging is also important. It is your business card. It should be both high quality to ensure safe and appealing delivery. Make boxes according to your brand colors and visuals. Here in Packwire you can order custom shipping boxes that will help you stand out and win the hearts of your customers. Packwire offers custom printed corrugated mailers, shipping boxes, retail folding and rigid boxes.

To manage all your staff you may need Scheduling Software, where you can not only manage your team and customers but also accept online payments. 

Real-time tracking

One of the favorite things of customers is checking delivery locations. When you give your customers the ability to check their orders you may seem more reliable. They can follow the process and be sure that you are doing everything to deliver items on time. 

Companies can benefit from real-time tracking as well. They can, for example, decide where to move their goods to meet customer demand.

Ask for a feedback

Surveys are foolproof options to run your delivery business smoothly and compliant with your customer's needs and wants. With HeySurvey you can create a free quick online survey to understand the gaps of your delivery company.

  1. u used our complaint service, are you satisfied with the provided solution (options for answer can be - Yes, No, Partially, Other)?
Also put questions that require open answers: 
  1. What do you think about our shipping service? 
  2. Have you ever received a damaged package? If yes, what have you done?
  3. What suggestions do you have to improve our services?

These are some common questions you can use to receive feedback and improve your services. 


We discussed some important steps you need to take to grow your delivery company's efficiency. Along with all of these steps, don't forget to solicit customer feedback. You must sometimes put yourself in their shoes to provide an appropriate solution. Follow the mentioned above steps to keep your company from having to demand a reputation.

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