How to make a website with animated text effects using HTML and CSS

How to make a website with animated text effects using HTML and CSS
Why bother adding an extra feature to an object [in this case, the Website] that could serve itself provided the content or service is top-notch, you may ask? My response to this would be a piece of clear information on how the brain works. 

In psychology, it has been said that information is better held in the memory, once you have a mental picture of the content. The brain on its part in this automatically picks those things that are emotional to us. While this is accomplished through implicit memory, which aids in learning, the amygdala [a part of the fore brain] also plays an important part in memory retention in the brain. This process arises when we associate an emotional input with occurrences or memories, such as fear or excitement. 

That being said, websites with animated text effects using the HTML [Hyper Text Mark-Up Language] and CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] have a better retention rate than the conventional display of wordy texts. 

Typography goes a long way in website design, and development, for a good feel of its purpose of design; this article will teach you how to make websites with animated text effects using HTML and CSS. 

Why is animated text effect important? 
Animated text effects are simply computer graphics deployed to texts to give some extra feel to how the texts are displayed. This could be the size, colour, font style, display arrangement, and a couple of extras. 

The animated text effect is important since it goes beyond mere reading textual characters but is also intended to strike a connection for your imagination, retention, and reference. 

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How to make a website with animated text effects using HTML and CSS
Font design, often known as typography, is essential for effectively communicating a message and attracting visitors to a website. If we should give some credits, the font designers who are the brain of this, work to ensure that the text is appealing to readers. 

CSS text animation and HTML are two of the characteristics that do not fail in improving the design of the website, whereby increasing its mental appeal to the audience, giving it a wonderful User Experience [UX] 

In general, all types of text animations are created with either basic or vanilla JavaScript, or with the help of third-party JavaScript tools. However, certain animations could be created entirely with CSS. While there is a range of options, one of them is adjusting the motion of the word text.  

In this sort of animation, a word is chosen to change after a set amount of time. This animation is a little older, and it was one of the first text animations that found use many years back. 

The secret is to utilize keyframes to change words at regular intervals, generally within a period. 

1. Enter basic styles such as background colour, text colour, margins, fill effect, and so on. 
2. Once you've figured it out, utilize it before selecting/or to set the span's content to an initial word. 
3. Deploy the animation property to calculate the overall animation time. 
4. For each frame, use keyframes to update the content property that was set before the selection. 

You may set the entire time in the cause of use according to your needs. However, it is often advised to select a duration that is a multiple of the entire number of words you wish to modify, or even three words. Setting the time as a multiple of the entire number of words ensures that each word is displayed for the same length of time. 
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