How to Make Homemade Stickers

How to Make Homemade Stickers

Maybe I'm a foodie after all. While writing the above topic out as the title, what came to mind was homemade cookies. 

Growing up, my mom who is a baker had opened my culinary eyes to trying my tender hands to a couple of confectionaries; yet out of my many explore, the homemade shortbread biscuits still have my 5-star rating. Well, not like I love to give my credits, but hey, the feedbacks then from my siblings and neighbours attested to my validation. I think it's only fair to say I did well in making magic in the kitchen growing up, although these days I barely get around it with a smiling face. 

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That said, what about stickers?

So, just to be sure we are on the same page, stickers in this context are not the digital stickers or emojis used while using your smartphones/devices for social media, rather, this is the literary physical imprint of texts, images, or a combination of both on a surface [usually paper] with an adhesive to enable a stick-on.

While homemade stickers could be anything depending on how wide your creativity seeks, in this article, I would be sharing with you easy steps to making homemade stickers at your convenience and ease.

For easy reference while sharing insights on the stickers, there is a need to acquaint you with the types of papers for stickers while considering production ideally, they are:


So, you have carefully thought of that text you intend or that image ripped off from a magazine or it could even be the exhibition of your Picasso skills when drawing from your colouring/drawing book and blending them with the perfect colours with your crayons, markers or postal colours then settling to find it worthy for a sticker feel; below are easy steps for your ease as regards subject.


1.      Carefully cut out the intended object of art you have elected to be a Sticker with a pair of scissors or a razor ensuring a neat snip. For a better feel, it is better to give extra space around the edge of the object of art for a good layout.

2.      Find a plain vinyl paper, preferably a light one that can be used to align the object of art you had designed.

3.      Get yourself a transparent tape, preferably one with a sizeable width to cover the dimension of your work of art. This could be from a single roll or it may require a double roll [if the work of art is wider than the transparent tape]

4.      Roll the transparent tape on the work of art as advised in step 3, ensure it covers the dimensions carefully after the sitting object of art well in the middle. Kindly note that the transparent tape should be placed on the front of the work of art and not behind.

5.      Place the taped object of art on the plain vinyl paper such that it spreads all out. Put more layers of tape on the vinyl paper to double effect.

6.      Make use of a metal spoon, using the behind to glide over the finished tapped object of art on the vinyl. This action will allow the removal of possible trapped air in between.

7.      Giving extra space between the object of art and the transparent tape on the plain vinyl paper to allow the adhesive a better part to stick on any surface, use your scissor or razor blade to snip through the plain vinyl paper neatly for a good job.

8.      When you intend to stick the object of art, you can easily remove it from the paper and apply it to the surface that you please.

So, when next you are home and you intend to show off with your kids during one of your quality time, compared to making homemade cookies like myself, I bet the design and creation of homemade stickers would certainly interest anyone and more importantly it’s application would come in handy for the kids. For more information or guides to creating homemade stickers or general digital printing please visit OBL Print – your reliable Printing Press in Dubai

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