How To Minimise Risk When Hiring A Social Media Marketing Agency To Represent Your Brand

How To Minimise Risk When Hiring A Social Media Marketing Agency To Represent Your Brand
So you’ve decided that you want to hire a social media marketing agency to represent your brand online but you are worried about choosing the wrong one? Perhaps you are concerned that if you invest in the wrong agency they could end up doing more harm to your brand than good. So, what do you do?

In this article we’ll share how you can significantly minimise the risk and find an agency who will be worth every single penny!

1 . Avoid anyone who “guarantees” anything

The first step when looking for a social media agency you can trust is to have a number of red flags to look out for.

If you see anyone going around “guaranteeing” certain results, you should avoid them. The reality is, in online marketing, there are no guarantees. If an agency guarantees that they will increase your online visibility by X-amount, they should not be trusted.

The reality is that the most capable social media marketing agencies do not need to make promises to attract new clients.

2. Look for social proof (and plenty of it)

Next, you need to look for plenty of social proof by way of positive 5-star reviews. Look at their socials and check out their Google profile as well.

What do their clients have to say about them?

If you come across an agency with overwhelmingly positive reviews from their clients, then you know that you are on the right track!
But that’s not enough…

3. Ask them what experience they have with your industry?

Once you feel more confident with an agency and wish to explore their services further, you should ask them if they’ve had any experience with other businesses within your industry.

It’s not necessarily a deal breaker if they haven’t, but if they are familiar with your industry and have proven time and time again with previous clients that they can deliver superior results, then it certainly can’t hurt for them to have some experience in your field, can it?

4. Request some testimonials

As you get closer to making a decision, see if they have any client testimonials. Having lots of 5-star reviews is excellent, but when satisfied clients agree to provide detailed testimonials, it carries a lot more weight.

The main reason why a testimonial carries more weight than a positive review is because it demonstrates that the agency has a very good relationship with their clients.

5. Ask to see some real-life case studies 

And finally, ask to see some real-life case studies. In my humble opinion, case-studies should be an absolute deal breaker.

Yes, having lots of social proof and a reputation to support their capabilities is a positive, but what could be better than being able to look through dozens of previous success stories with real statistics?

This particular agency who offers advertising on social media in Singapore has 100+ case studies from recognised brands. You can’t get much better than that – particularly if you have trust issues and want to ensure that you are investing your money wisely.

All in all, if you can tick off the above 5 boxes when you are exploring prospective social media advertising agencies, you’ll have no trouble weeding out the inequitable agencies and identifying the crème de la crème!
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keira chue

Jul 28, 2023

Thanks for the tips. Personally, I went with recommendation. Initially, I wanted to save up and tried marketing on my own but I immediately realized I needed the help of an expert. Based on recommendation of a family member whose business was doing well with her help, I reached out to Victoria at She worked with my team and I consistently and was very responsive to all our needs. Most importantly, our online presence has significantly grown and we are able to reach our target audience as a result. Our partnership has truly been a game-changer for our organization.

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