How to promote a construction company through Digital Marketing?

How to promote a construction company through Digital Marketing?

The Megacity of Dubai had built her foundation, earning a name for itself away from the discovery of the black gold, and their fish farming in the orient. All thanks to the leadership of the Megacity who were relentless visionaries who saw the future even before baby babbles and thought it wise to make it a city that harbours mixed profession, not just for its citizens, but likewise the ex-pats. 

Over the years, the city of Dubai has garnered much buzz on being the best spot for a family vacation, all thanks to sights like the desert safari, mouth gapping edifice, luxury hotels, and all that. This has considerably rippled to its GDP [Gross Domestic Product], but what a few people fail to pay attention to is that Dubai is also on the map for construction. 

Today, we shall pay attention to a key instrument to Dubai’s GDP, the Construction company, and we shall consider how to promote construction company through Digital marketing. 

Again, Digital marketing is not as complicated as you imagine; you just have to locate The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, and that is all. 

How big is construction in Dubai? 

The city of Dubai generates its GDP, not through black gold alone, nor is it only on being a hotel destination, but also through real estate, and construction. 

How big is that, you would imagine, right? Well, The UAE [United Arab Emirates] construction industry was worth USD 101.45 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to grow to USD 133.53 billion by 2026, with a CAGR [Compound Annual Growth Rate] of 4.69% between 2021, and 2026.  

Just like every other sector of business in the UAE, The COVID-19 influenced Dubai's construction industry problem, causing building projects to come to a standstill, however, this is currently getting a different positive look. 

How do construction companies attract customers? 

The law of attraction as a universal law tells you: you will only attract to your life whatever you focus on. Construction companies have their target audience and depending on the earning power and the project the companies intend, there is a need to tilt focus to only them, to achieve a maximal goal. 

Other than this, here are some other means of how construction companies attract customers. 

There is a need to carve a niche for yourself. Have a name renowned in your field of business, not just as an office, but on the digital space [Digital marketing]. 

Extend excellent medium for customer inquiry via communication. This could be via the webspace, phone calls, signage ads, viral marketing, or the efforts of a salesperson. 

Look the part. You cannot say you render a premium service and you look tacky. Clients intend to relate to someone that won't run away with their funds. 

Ensure to deliver just as promised within the time frame. If there is a need to extend, let your client be in the know. 

Exceed customer expectations. Work with a time frame, and a budget, but more importantly, deliver to exceed customer’s expectations. This could be with the date of completion, customer service, quality of materials used, and all that. 

What should a construction company website have? 

1. There is a need for a construction company to have a website, be it in the UAE, the megacity of Dubai, or any other part of the world. Have a website. 

2. The things to be included in the company website must be: contact us, About us, services, portfolio, careers, services, affiliations, and others. 

3. A good construction company must have clear, and clean pictures or videos that are responsive to load on any smart device. If they have a chatbot, it must be optimal. Information on the platform must be updated timely as well. 

What makes a good construction website? 

A good construction website should be detailed enough that at one glance at the domain name, one should be able to tell what services it renders, likewise, navigating through the page should be easy. 

Avoid having heavy images or videos which take time to load, thereby frustrating customers to leave the page. 

How to create a construction website? 

You can create an active construction website by reaching out to The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, and that concludes your quest for the best construction website in Dubai. 

How to promote a construction company through Digital marketing. 

1. Ensure to have an amazing team for content writing. 

2. You can deploy SEO [Search Engine Optimization] for your website. 

3. You can deploy SEM [Search Engine Management] which includes the creation of Ads on the search engines. 

4. Run ads on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. 

5. Dish out engagements on the platforms. 

6. Have clear, clean, and fine pictures of your services, or testimonials. 

7. Identify with The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai for your Digital marketing schemes. 

We are a fully operational internet-based marketing company based in Dubai. We are committed to developing effective content and strategies for corporate brands who want to shine their business in the online world.

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Neela Ramakrishnan

Jul 22, 2023

This blog offers a comprehensive and practical guide on leveraging digital marketing to promote a construction company effectively. The strategies outlined here, from creating a professional website to utilizing social media and content marketing, provide a well-rounded approach to reach the target audience and generate leads. The emphasis on showcasing past projects and client testimonials builds trust and credibility, while local SEO tactics ensure the company's visibility in relevant searches. I particularly appreciate the insights on using visual content and video marketing to engage potential clients. Overall, a valuable resource for construction businesses seeking to elevate their online presence and attract new customers. Well done! - Icon Properties

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