How to save yourself from Post Pandemic debts

How to save yourself from Post Pandemic debts
The wave of the coronavirus came with a huge blow to every individual, especially business owners. This was seen as a trend when notable businesses suddenly declared bankruptcy and fizzled out like a puff of smoke. 

It is usually said that no one prepares for grief. However, patterns and life lessons have shown some ways of coming out of the web of debts incurred throughout the pandemic. 

As a business owner and an individual who has gone through this phase, this post will show you approachable ways to save yourself from the post-pandemic debts you incurred. 

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How to save yourself from post-pandemic debts. 

If you are reading this now, I rejoice and congratulate you. This is enough edge that you can overcome whatever debts or ills that must have erupted in the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like for every new course, what will separate you from being just another reader is “willpower”. I can't help but stress this again, as every other pointer begins with your will to be debt free. If you have settled this, then let’s get to it. 

1. Consolidate your loans. 
To pay off all of your smaller bills, you can get a single larger loan. As strange as it might seem, this is a wise choice because you now have one bill to pay each month, typically with a lower interest rate. Local loan consolidation businesses can help you pay off that debt more quickly and gradually raise your credit score. 

2. Consider getting a second job or income. 
The pandemic is over, so there are more jobs available. For a few months, consider moonlighting to help you rebuild your finances. You can work from home in the evenings if you have a remote position with a flexible schedule. 

If you are unable to work a second job due to family obligations, consider selling any stuff you no longer need, either online or offline. At the same time you get rid of the clutter, you'll earn money. Put some of your money toward starting a savings account. 

3. Consider building a stash. 
When you have any spare cash, put some of it into an emergency fund that you don't touch unless you need it for something urgent like a car repair or unexpected medical expenses. If you take money out of your emergency fund, try to repay it as soon as you can. 

4. Avoid buying things you want. 
May I quickly remind you that human desires are insatiable? This theory never fails. Ask Adam Smith. Hence, there is a need to always be true to yourself and ask if this purchase is out of a need or a want. You can also ask yourself if you can find a way around not purchasing it now or otherwise.

Be true to yourself on this journey, but also be fair to yourself. 

5. Find things that naturally make you happy. 
This is pure therapy; I'll send my bill later. You need to stir up your natural thrills that set your mind alive and bubbly. It will help your thought process, help find reasons to win, and see things from a better perspective. 

Happiness is attractive. Ask a beautiful lady called Happiness. 

6. Dress well. 
I saved this for the last because I know you may not have taken me seriously enough to read the next line if it was the first point. The good part is that you have read this. [lol] 

Looking good is serious business, and perception is still a reality in our age and time. It is enough that you already have financial challenges; please don’t look like your problems. Chances are higher that you have a doubled pace of progress compared to looking gloomy and pitiful. No one likes a liability, but everyone likes an asset. Please be one. an asset. 

In conclusion, if the epidemic caused you to lose your job, you probably ran up a sizable debt buying necessities like food and other vitals. You can get out from beneath these expenses, even though finding a way to pay off those loans may seem overwhelming. The above-listed pointers would help you come out of debt and also help with better life decisions, either as an individual or a business brand. 

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