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How to set up a Video Production Company

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This article will help you understand how to build and setup your own video production company, with a case study of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is emerging gradually as the film location of the world because of its beautiful building and infrastructures. A lot of popular movies like fast and furious, star trek, star wars, mission impossible and so on have been made in this beautiful city.

Setting up a video production company in Dubai can challenging and at the same time easy, because it is a popular place for top-notch video production companies as well as models, talents, stylists, fashion houses and a lot more.

We have compiled a few details on how to make this challenging process easy for you. One thing you have to realize before undertaking this huge task is to first do an intense study and research on the existing top video production companies in Dubai. We would start by listing some of these companies so you can have a proper list of video production companies to look out for.

List of Video Production Companies in Dubai as at May 2021:

1 - Film District Dubai

2 - Doleep Studios

3 - The Media Lab

4 - The Company Films

5 - Cella Productions

6 - Saluki Media

7 - Zaini Media

8 - Media Partners Middle East FZ LLC

9 - Media Mavericks

10 - AStudio

Part of your research should also include how these companies have built their brands online. It is no news that good search engine optimization is valuable to any business today. You have to also take out the time to investigate the search keywords these sites are ranking for so you can be well prepared for what you are about to get into. Some of these keywords are video production company dubai, corporate video production company dubai, film production company dubai and so on. Now let’s go into the technical details of what you have to do.

First you have to decide which location is best for you. The central point in the United Arab Emirates for business is Dubai but you are not limited by this. You can also have a branch office in Abu Dhabi as well so you can also capture the market there. It is very important to choose a good location for your company setup because this can affect your conversions as well. Clients should have the option to get to your office without any problem. The ideal location in Dubai would be anywhere along the metro stations starting from the Mall of Emirates to Burjuman Metro Station. The most ideal location would be anywhere close to Business Bay as this is the main business hub in Dubai.

After this, you have to make up your mind about the right company to handle your initial business documents. Business setup in Dubai requires a bit of mandatory paper works and there are tons of companies that can provide you this service. You also have to take note that knowledge of video production globally is also vital as Dubai is a fast paced city that loves to be at the forefront of global technologies.

There are several film production company license packages that you can take advantage of. Most new business owners will prefer to setup their company in the free zone area of Dubai but you are not limited to this. Of course, before you can think of starting any company, you need to be ready in terms of finance and capital as we all know that video production is all about gears and equipment.

Fujairah Creative City (FCC) offers you a range of business license packages to choose from. Their freelance license package starts from around AED 19,875 and includes eligibility for up to four employee visas. Alternatively, their Baby Business license package offer companies a trade license and around 6 visas at a starting price AED 23,999. For bigger businesses, their Genius package offers up to fifteen visas, along with a corporate production license starting AED 29,000. Please note that these figures are only accurate to the time of this research. For current prices, you can always contact any other company of your choice.

For more insight as to how to set up a video production company, especially in Dubai, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to assist you with everything you need.

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