How to start a SEO company in Dubai

How to start a SEO company in Dubai

Many have asked if an SEO company is worth a business venture, how lucrative is it, and its acceptance in Dubai; in this article, I would be taking a view into SEO as a whole as we consider its meaning, usage, place of application, and how viable it is to thrive in Dubai as a renowned brand.

SEO, simply means Search Engine Optimization. it is basically the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through natural search engine results.

Research has shown that Over 94 percent of Google users only look at the first page of search results, with the first three results being the most common. What this simply means is that unless you have deployed the useful skill of an SEO, chances of your company getting noticed upon related search is next to slim.

Modern businesses have gone beyond conventional mode of physical structure awaiting walk-in clients for their services or purchase of goods but have further leveraged on globalization or better yet the luxury of the internet to optimize awareness and possibly convert a prospective customer.

People rely heavily on search engines to find exactly what they are searching for and there are over 180,000,000 registered websites today, pushing services/goods. If they don't find anything on the first page, they choose to change their search terms and start over rather than heading to the next page of results, hence a need for an SEO expert.

Beyond understanding the SEO and its dynamics, considering the number of SMEs in Dubai, especially when they [SMEs] hold a significant percentage of the country’s GDP; there is a need to consider setting up an SEO company just for this cause.

I know starting a business comes with a gush of mixed feelings, but hey! You require little or no capital to kick start.

So, What Are the Benefits of Starting an SEO Company?

Businesses rely on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find them. It's rewarding to assist them in increasing their website traffic and creating more sales/leads by increasing their exposure in search results. It is important to work closely with your clients so that they recognize the value of incorporating SEO into their everyday operations and processes. On several ways, successful SEO companies assist their clients' marketing efforts.

I bet your next line of thought is how profitable is it?

Yes, indeed! SEO as a company is profitable, but you'll need to communicate clearly and honestly to succeed. Although it's a competitive market, straightforward, consistent communication will help you stand out.

Here are some views:

  • SEO services are in high demand. Getting found on Google is now an integral part of almost every company's marketing plan.
  • Search engine optimization is a long-term marketing technique. You'll be working with your clients for months, if not years.
  • SEO can be performed in a systematic manner. As a consequence, it's a flexible operation. You should recruit team members to ensure that the service is regularly delivered.

Ok! Let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?

Starting up your SEO company, we strongly recommend you have a blueprint, get good legal advice, speak with an accountant, speak with someone in the insurance field, be sure to get enough information for direction and more importantly protection rights; now once these are sorted, the below should be your manual, they are:


What is better than an online business having an online presence? You could use WordPress; ensure to have quality content. Point out possible challenges you feel your prospective client may need, things as:

  • I'm at a loss about where to begin.
  • I'm on a tight budget, and SEO is costly.
  • I spent money on a new website, but no one can find it, so it's not producing leads.
  • I don't have time to build new content or keep a blog up to date.


  • Google Search Console.
  • Google My Business.
  • Keyword research tool and ranking software.



We recommend having these three modules




Developing a winning proposal design would help you close more deals and save time throughout the sales process.



It's a good idea to introduce your proposed services for your website to test your systems as you get started. Start to hone your communication skills. Examine the ability to respond to difficult questions. Not only can you get a run-through of your operation, but practice clients will also assist you in viewing your organization from a different angle.



When you sign a new client, keep potential reviews in mind. Take note of their objectives, and collect data at the start of the campaign to track progress and ensure the objectives are met.

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