How to Teach Yourself Web Design

How to Teach Yourself Web Design

We have heard people often assume Web designing is the same as Web development, many had also because of the superimposition concluded that its only variance is the choice of word and features are the same. In as much as I would love to give a definite answer right now, kindly read through this article as your answer might just be in one of the paragraphs.

Where I come from, I have seen people mention that they taught themselves how to drive a car. Some others say almost similar things they taught themselves as coding and website designing. While this may pose as strange, it is certainly possible, since the mind is as a lump of clay and can be moulded to whatever external effect you open it to.

What is Web design?

Simply put, Web design is purely about design and not the front-end term "web design" refers to both the aesthetics and usability of a website. It is the process of planning and constructing the elements of a website, such as structure, layout, as well as images, colours, fonts, and graphics. With the use of computer graphic programs, Web designs are better conceptualized since they help provide layout and other visual elements. A good example of this is Adobe Photoshop.

What should I learn first in web design?

Graphics and UI/UX (user interface / experience) design, basic and advanced search engine optimization techniques and original content creation are all parts of web design that work together to create the final look and feel of a website. These core factors are crucial on how a website will appear, feel and function on multiple devices. However, to teach yourself web design, I believe the first thing is to get a better understanding of your work tools and work environment. Work tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Wix, Bluefish are some examples of web design programs for your ease, while Environments such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript are windows you should get acquainted with.

Here are few steps for teaching yourself web design:


The Blind certainly can't lead the blind; find an expert to guide you on Web designing for clarity and balance.


Get materials in your field of interest and read all you can. You can also join major online free classes to help your knowledge bank.


I'll recommend you create a blog at least and proceed to deploy your new web design skills into this new project of yours. Remember I wouldn’t be there but you have to stay true to yourself and show dedication.


If you intend to design for yourself or your client as you grow, there is a need to have a design plan or as it is called a Wireframe. Know what you intend to design already before commencing to avoid you all mumbled up and confused. Good software for your ease here would be Sketch.


Code Academy offers a whole range of programming languages to learn. I will suggest you get in line and start with HTML [Hyper Text Mark-up Language] and CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] as this would usher you into your work environment.


Find out the websites that interest you and what makes them unique. For some it’s the colour, others the layout or fonts. Pay attention to those sites and pick what interests you. It would help in creative thinking. Pay attention to technology trends as well, the latest of software, what is done differently now, and a host of other information to your field.


This is something very sensitive every designer should know. You would need to be able to identify colours, understand the colour blends, and how to know what is right for the client as time goes by.


Now that you are good to go with HTML and CSS, promote yourself to JavaScript for a dynamic delivery in your dealings.


There is no mark for greatness out there, hence the need to always push yourself. Once you acquire new knowledge, seek more. Seek more information, stir up your skills by doing more, and don’t forget to pay attention to feedbacks that come your way.

In conclusion, being a great website designer doesn't happen overnight, there is a need to keep trying, and learning new things. Network and communicate with others in the field to stay on top of techniques and visual changes that are in demand. It would help you a long way.

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