How to use Instagram music in the UAE

How to use Instagram music in the UAE
Instagram users have been able to add music to their Stories since 2018. However, until now, the feature was not accessible in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

After three years of anticipation, the tech and social media giant has officially released Music for Instagram and Facebook users in the UAE.

However, some users are still waiting for the functionality to be added to their accounts. Those with multiple accounts recorded features on some but not others, implying that Instagram is gradually introducing it to the area.

In this article, we will teach you how you can access Instagram music in the UAE and how you can use it. 

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Instagram has been waiting a long time to introduce its music features for its Stories section in the country. Users in other parts of the world have been able to add their favorite or most appropriate songs to their Instagram stories since 2018.

However, until now, the feature had not been available in the UAE.

After a three-year patient (but agonizing) wait, the social media tech giant has officially released music for Instagram and Facebook users in the UAE. Since we can't make Drake build the soundtrack to our lives, the music function for Instagram Stories is our best (or only) choice.

"People have always come to Facebook and Instagram to express themselves and be amused, and we're focusing on putting music into the ways people post, communicate, and express themselves," Facebook said in a statement about the launch.
"As a result, we've been collaborating with producers and music collaborators all over the world to help users communicate and express their emotions through music through the Facebook family of applications. We believe that music will be an important part of the future of entertainment on Facebook and Instagram. There are now many more opportunities for people to build and explore material that they can enjoy."

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Below is our next point on accessing and using Instagram music in the UAE:
It's simple to add music to Instagram or Facebook stories; simply open the camera app, head to the stickers tab, and pick the music. Users will pick a song that they choose and then select the 15-second section of the song that they want their followers to hear.

Users will also use the Questions sticker to ask their followers to send in their music requests.
This simply means that Instagram music can be accessed at any time and anywhere on Facebook, by pinning a selected track to personal accounts, followers will be able to listen to the song while browsing through their Facebook profiles.

Facebook has introduced the feature as TikTok's popularity in the area grows. Though Instagram has launched Music in the UAE, users are still waiting for the release of its Reels feature, which was created in response to TikTok.

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