How Your Website Design Can Help You in SERP Ranking?

How Your Website Design Can Help You in SERP Ranking?
Your SEO strategy’s success depends on your website’s design. A great design attracts good rankings while a poor one doesn’t. Your aim as a business owner is to ensure that your business ranks on the first page of search engine result pages.

Many benefits come with this, like more organic traffic, higher internet visibility, etc. It is vital to know how good design can contribute to better SERP rankings. This article will take a deeper look at web design and how it can help your business go up the SERP rankings.

Here’s all you need to know.

1. Good Site Architecture Helps
Site architecture is an important design feature to keep in mind. It is all about how you have organized and mapped content on your website. Users should not require any technical knowledge to navigate your site. They should seamlessly find anything they want; include a search option if possible.

The easier your website is for its users, the better it ranks. Search engines gather feedback from web users to determine their usability. Make sure every page URL is descriptive of the content and keep them short. A web design company can help do this to ensure you climb the SERPs.

2. Quality Content is King
Good content is the main factor search engines use to rank websites. Without it, your website won’t appear on even the top 10 web pages. Ensure users and search engines can understand your web content. A good web design firm can help you optimize it for both of these audiences.

Optimized content is that which states your value proposition well. It should also show readers the kind of services you offer and be relevant to the target audience. Plagiarized content will affect your rankings, so keep it unique. Hire a professional to help you optimize if it daunts you.

3. Mobile Friendliness Increases Accessibility
Optimizing your website for mobile usage is no longer optional. Search engines are keen to give the increasing number of mobile users the best. This means recommending to them websites that can display on their screens perfectly. If yours doesn’t, it won’t appear on the first page.

Working with a web design company can help you ensure mobile-friendliness on your website. It is also possible to use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool if you want to check your website’s mobile-friendliness yourself. Your website will easily rank on the first pages if it displays well on mobile devices.

4. A Great Layout is Vital
Your website’s layout is everything when it comes to SEO rankings. Google doesn’t want users to search for answers for long. It would be best if you kept them on top of every page. That’s what a good layout is all about - ensuring that users don’t need to scroll to find answers to their questions.

This means using small images that won’t push texts to the lower half of a page. It also means giving your text some breathing room - white spaces. This is vital because it ensures users don’t feel overwhelmed. A good website design company will help you have a perfect layout. 

5. Large Files Affect Loading Speeds
Site speed matters in ensuring good rankings on SERPs. We cannot overemphasize the benefit of having a website that loads in 2 seconds or less. Your website could take more time to load because it contains some large files that require a lot of bandwidth.

The best way to climb SERPs effortlessly is by compressing large files like images and videos. It can also entail reducing the number of images used on every page. Besides hiring a website design company to help you optimize files, you should check your website speeds regularly.

6. Google Loves Long-Form Content
Websites that contain long-form articles, blog posts, etc., rank higher on SERPs. That’s why you need a blog for your business. The best minimum word count for good rankings is 300 words. Any content below that word count will do your website a great disservice.

If you can’t create long-form content, you can hire a professional. Hiring a good web designing company will help you create content that will attract search engines. Professionals from the company can also help you improve the existing content on your website.

7. Keywords Matter
You cannot rank well if you do not invest in good keyword research. Keywords ensure that your web content pops up whenever a user searches them online. But then, you should start by finding high-ranking keywords that will increase your content’s visibility.

If you don’t know how to research keywords well, a web design company can help you. These professionals can help scrap your competitors’ websites to find high-ranking keywords. They also can use the researched keywords correctly in your content so that they serve their purpose.

8. Visual Appeal And Cohesiveness Attract Good Rankings
Many people don’t know that visual appeal matters in SEO rankings. If you want to rank well, it is vital to ensure that your website appeals to your audience. A website that’s easy on the eye keeps users hooked to it for long. Search engines reward such websites with better rankings.

Thus, it all starts with the design adopted when building the website. It would help if you worked with a web design agency to avoid creating a website that won’t attract users. This will ensure that the website represents your business well and helps keep your bounce rates low. Besides, good rankings will increase your sales and profitability. 

The bottom line is that poor web design will hurt your SEO. Thus, you need to invest in design as much as possible. First, you should find a web design company that understands SEO well. The company should be able to design your website with the end-user in mind.

Besides, they should be able to optimize your website for technical SEO. Search engines read structured data to know the most critical information on a web page. A professional web design firm will help you add this data to your website, making it easy to attract higher SERPs rankings.
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