Ideas for Incorporating Your Personal Style into Your Wedding

Ideas for Incorporating Your Personal Style into Your Wedding
We bet you know this. There’s one word that always comes before, ‘wedding,’ ‘special day,’ ‘big day’…and all the rest. Can you guess what the word is?
It’s YOUR. Raise a glass my friend, this is it. Your time to shine! It’s time to let your personality and style dazzle and captivate everyone who’s shown up to celebrate your big day.
Yet during the planning phase, thinking about this from a big picture perspective can feel pretty overwhelming, right? Like, what does it really mean to incorporate your personal style into your wedding?
The answer, “it means whatever you want it to mean” is true, but isn’t helpful. Especially for those seeking actual tactical wedding planning advice.
So, we decided to make it easy. We’ve broken it down into categories.

The trick?

View each category as a chance to showcase and reflect your personal style. Looking at each individually keeps planning simple and less overwhelming.
Let’s take a peek at the categories, one by one.


While “vibe” isn’t really a wedding planning category, it still counts. It’s an overall feeling – it’s the golden thread that connects each aspect of your big day.
Thinking of your vibe will help you narrow down choices within each category, especially ones you’re passionate about. Things like picking out your wedding dress, or putting together the perfect menu.
So, what is a vibe? Here are a few examples to help you find yours:
Think of ‘vibes’ in this context as aesthetics that expand beyond visual – to incorporate all the senses. You can also choose more than one.


Picking a dress is one of the most fun ways to play up your personal style. YOUR wedding, remember? You get to choose. Which means you can get married in a romper or pantsuit if you prefer.
If you’re someone who loves style and fashion, you should have no problem pulling dresses you love. You may however have an issue narrowing them down.
Thinking about the vibes you’re going for can help thin down the selection.
Same goes for bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s helpful to find a place that has a ton of variety, a place you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your personal style. For this, check out Bella Bridesmaids. Browse their website to see the full-range of options, and then enter your address in their store finder see and try them on in person.
Many brides like to dress-shop with a posse in tow. This can be helpful when narrowing down choices. However, if your mother-in-law is super opinionated, try not to let her (or anyone else’s) opinion override yours.


A venue is an excellent way to highlight your personal style. When it comes to traditional venues, there are all sorts that showcase a wide-variety of style and architecture.
Then there’s outdoor weddings – forest, beach, and more.
But you’re not limited to those either. If you’re passionate about art, why not get married at a gallery? Music lovers: pick your favorite place to catch local acts play live.
There’s no shortage of ideas and places. Go online, make a list, and time permitting, check out these sites in person.


Some people are very in tune with their surroundings. They love interior design. They understand the power of décor; how it can influence and elicit a certain mood or feeling.
Other people don’t care as much.
Wherever you fall in the spectrum, it can be helpful to look at images of events, garden parties, even interior design. It doesn’t have to all be wedding related, though if that’s what you’d rather stick to, that’s fine too.
Pause when you see something you’re drawn to. What is it about it that you like? Is there something there that reflects your personal style – your vibe – that you’d like to include?


Oh, the possibilities! Yes, you can always go with, “chicken or fish?” But there are plenty of other opportunities as well. Everyone loves wood fired pizza. A sushi station is a guaranteed success. How about a taco bar?
Tri-tip, asparagus spears, served with a side salad of baby greens tossed in a vinaigrette – anyone else’s stomach growling?
Easier said than done with so many different food options, however. Just pick your fave. 


Your taste in music says a lot about your personal style. If you have eclectic musical sensibilities, you may want to nix the Norwegian death metal and stick to the classics – okay, with a little edgy thrown in.
If music is your thing, this is where you can splurge. Why not hire a band? Just make sure you’ve heard them first, and give them a solid idea of what type of music to play.
If you love vintage things and it’s all part of your vibe, add a little jazz or music from the 1920s.
Music is incredible; it really sets the tone (yes, pun intended). If it’s a big part of your personality, let it be heard!


The trick is to not feel overly encumbered by the “right” way of incorporating personal style. There simply isn’t one. Rather than let that frustrate you, see it for what it is: freeing! So, take these tips and get started. You’ve got a wedding to plan.

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