Impact of Qatar 2022 in the UAE, and How Dubai can Leverage on it

Impact of Qatar 2022 in the UAE, and How Dubai can Leverage on it

With Qatar’s tournament now just a few months away, one can Be certain that young men all over the country are preparing with great intensity in hopes of making what could potentially be their country’s first-ever appearance in a World Cup.

Neighboring nations such as Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and others Middle Eastern representatives like Iraq and Jordan, which have made strides, might also be motivated to take advantage of one of sports' most popular tournaments being played almost in their backyards.

Of this lot, the Emirati of Dubai, perhaps, stands to make the most of the world’s most exciting and unifying fiesta: the FIFA World Cup tournament.

The FIFA World Cup usually marks the highlight of a footballer’s career. It is a global event that occurs once every four years. Most footballers consider their selection to their respective national teams to not only mean that they were the best of the crop, but also amongst the best of all who would be representing their respective nations at the Mundial.

Hence, it is the dream of every player to be good enough to be called up to their national teams.

In the same vein, qualifying for the tournament is usually considered a sporting achievement for most football-crazy countries around the world. world. With the easiest route to the finals being as an automatic qualifier, either the host country or the World Cup defending champions. You can imagine.

Therefore, how excited the Qatari people must be as the host nation! For them, This is not only an opportunity for them to participate in one of the world’s great, it also presents them with the unique

The opportunity to show the world that Qatar and the Qatari people are capable of hosting a tournament of the magnitude of the FIFA men’s senior world cup

As a global event, Qatar 2022 will challenge the host. It is a nation's physical, social, cultural, and technological preparedness to host a tournament of this magnitude in one of the harshest environments in the world. Qatar 2022 presents some unique firsts.

This will be the first World Cup. The first ever to be held in the Arab world and the first in a Muslim-majority country. It will also be the first time that the tournament will be shifted from June to July to November to December.

How does the UAE, as neighbors to the host nation, specifically benefit from Qatar 2022?

The dispute and blockade between Qatar and its Gulf The cooperation council (GCC) neighbors in June 2017 has finally come to an end. Bringing to a close a septic four-year chapter in Gulf relations, which undoubtedly contained business and economic costs as well as serious political and social ones.

The embargo had a serious negative impact on Qatar’s economy primarily, but similarly had indirect consequences across the Gulf, and these were ultimately in part responsible for the decision to bring the dispute to a close.

The change of guard at the White House, with Donald Trump’s administration giving way to Joe Biden’s administration, may as well have played a part in making 2021 an optimal and symbolic moment to end hostilities. Additionally, the paucity of time to the 2022 FIFA World Cup was most likely another element that motivated the rapprochement, with the need to finish preparations and, most importantly, sell tickets.

Thus, a rapprochement could not have come at a more necessary time from the GCC’s macroeconomic perspective, with intra-GCC trade likely to receive a boost and services like travel, tourism, and logistics all set to benefit. Jobs will probably be created across various sectors, especially as businesses eye the opportunities related to the 2022 World Cup and with UAE firms likely to be at the center of much of this.

Nowhere do the UAE’s and Qatar’s interests coincide more than in the delivery and success of the two major trophy events due to be hosted in the two countries in the next two years.

Both Dubai’s Expo 2021 and Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 are set to be major winners from the deal, as more visitors will be welcomed and entertained. Both countries are also expected to see indirect spin-off benefits from each other's success.

With these benefits in mind, especially in the tourism and travel aspects, Dubai will certainly be one of the busiest hubs of economic activity in the next 12-20 months or more.

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Yes, Qatar may be hosting the world for the FIFA World Cup; Dubai might as well prepare to host the world for some profitable business and travel experience.

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