Is Adobe XD difficult to learn?

Is Adobe XD difficult to learn?
Thinking about it again, maybe learning how to ride a bicycle wasn’t that difficult, I mean? 

All you had to do was be confident, have an open mind to ride, and be sure to call out and if you did so well, wave to your friends while getting it right for just 30 seconds. although you have the hurdle of being able to balance on a two-wheel device, then navigate, That’s all. Easy to say now, right? [Giggles] 

Well, professionals always have a journey, I bet Lance Armstrong, one of the greatest road racing cyclists of time could sing you the song of his beginner's level. Some emotions. 

My point? In the end, we all can be professionals at what we put our minds to do, and nothing is particularly difficult to learn, not even the Adobe XD software. 

Today’s topic will be guided on graphic design software: Adobe XD, and some exciting things I feel you should know about it. 

What is Adobe XD? 
Adobe XD is one of Adobe’s UX [User Experience] tools that is a vector-based digital design tool for the design of Web and Mobile applications seamlessly. 

The Adobe XD is one of the many web design application packages by Adobe Inc. that enjoys vast use for mobile use, and web-based. the Adobe XD the tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs, as well as iOS and Android. 

With the Adobe XD, users have the option of making use of the software online, while you make use of the application remotely, or the choice of downloading the application to a static device for use. 

What is Adobe XD used for?  
Adobe XD is a prototyping tool for interface and user experience designers that can be used to create websites, mobile applications, and more. 

Some of the unique features of the Adobe XD are seen below: 
1. Adobe XD supports keyboard and gamepads.
2. Adobe is used to create 3D effects for images and videos. 
3. With Adobe XD, you can conveniently create and replicate designs and sync where necessary. 
4. With the Adobe XD the software tool, you can easily incorporate other applications by importing files and editing. 
5. You have the option of easily modifying objects to preferred sizes. 
6. The Adobe XD possess smart Vector drawing tools for your creative mind. 
7. You can create Prototypes and embed videos in your graphical illustrations. 
8. The Adobe XD affords you the option to add animations and infuse micro-interactions with motion effects. 
9. It has password protection to ensure online security. 
10. You could create custom plugins with Adobe XD. 
Is Adobe XD difficult to learn?
Just as we likened this to riding a bicycle in retrospect, Adobe XD is a really simple program to use eventually once you get the hang of it. To enjoy the other graphic software applications, you'll need to install extensions and maybe subscribe to third-party services, whereas Adobe XD includes these tools out of the box for a worthwhile graphical journey.

It's almost like riding a bicycle without your arms in the grip and being served your favourite meals in motion.

However, nothing good comes easy. You have to be conscious, letting your creative and teachable self play, and you will be flying without wings in no time. 

Is Adobe XD for free? 
The good news is that Adobe XD is completely free to use. 

Adobe XD is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which costs $50 per month and gives you access to over 20 apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more. 

However, Adobe released a beginning plan in May 2018 that lets you use Adobe XD for free! However, Adobe XD can only have one active project at a time. 
Is Adobe XD free on PC? 
It is only worth a question to ask if the Adobe XD is free on PC, and while you’re about sweating on it, I have just the perfect answer for you. 

With the XD Starter Plan, you may download Adobe XD for free. You get one shared document, a restricted number of typefaces, and 2GB of online storage with this.  

It is free to download and install on your PC, and it comes with a free lifetime subscription. 
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