Is Airbnb legal in Dubai?

Is Airbnb legal in Dubai?
The word leverage is one word that has come to stay for those thinking scalability in the place of modern business. Call it partnership if you like, but leverage simply allows an easier spread than with the effort of one. Leverage saves time, it saves money, creative thinking, manpower, resources, and a handful of lifelines. 

How leverage has immersed into business in recent years has been the fulcrum of scalability. Emerging brands can now do so much by way of partnerships instead of seeking to solve their business riddles all by themselves. 

For the eyes that see, Dubai is that one place you find everything from affluence, grandeur, fun, and hospitality, well, provided the funds are available. Talking about hospitality, Dubai not only has been known for its good spots for tourists but the choice of her hotels, with services to make one spoilt within the stay. 

Still on hospitality, beyond hotels in Dubai, similar service providers are taking the hospitality game up a notch... they are called Airbnb. 

My question today is: Is Airbnb legal in Dubai?  

What is Airbnb? 
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Air bed and breakfast as it means is an American-owned company founded by 3 individuals namely Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia to create a space for third parties in an apartment to sleep, enjoy meals, and enjoy a breathable healthy space. 

Airbnb is a hospitality rendering service usually initiated virtually, that leverages on homeowners registered on the platform to let out their apartments for some time to interested guests while they get an incentive for the gesture, likewise the company Airbnb. 

Is Airbnb Legal in Dubai? 
Dubai is a Megacity in the heart of the UAE [United Arab Emirates], one of the celebrated countries in the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council]. Like every country, every government has its law by the constitution, and anything that goes contrary to this act is labelled illegal. 

Airbnb is legal in Dubai, and it has taken a good spread in its market penetration across the globe, even to the middle east. Therefore, users could seamlessly log on to their app, choose from the options of the apartment and enjoy the service without any worry. 
How much does an Airbnb cost in Dubai? 
The cost of Airbnb in Dubai like every other apartment listed on Airbnb in different regions would differ based on location, apartment size, services rendered in the journey. Did I mention that rent in Dubai is on the high side in all parameters?  

This makes people seek other possible options for their benefit, but then again, how much does an Airbnb cost in Dubai?  

According to Bloomberg's worldwide private lodging pricing index, the average daily rate of an Airbnb booking in Dubai is AED411, compared to the average hotel room which goes for about AED665. 

What is the cheapest rent in Dubai? 
As I just mentioned, rent in Dubai is on the high side since most of the apartments there are targeted for the ex-pats. Also, as far back as 2005, foreign investors had purchased properties in Dubai at peak prices before the property market plummeted, and as such it appears investors are waiting for prices to rebound to that level and beyond before renting them out. 

The cheapest places to live in Dubai would be Deira, Dubai International City, Jumeirah village city and you could find the cheapest rent in Dubai around these locations between AED 33,500 for a spacious 1-bedroom apartment. 
Can Tourists rent a house in Dubai?  
Dubai is a tourist attraction known as a hub for most tourists, but what would amuse you is that despite all the royalty ascribed to tourists, a tourist can't rent property without a correct visa, and a tourist visa isn't considered permanent, even when you have a European passport. While you are still on that, also note that you can't purchase a car without a legitimate visa as well. 
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