Is Android better than iPhone in 2021?

Is Android better than iPhone in 2021?
If you buy a new phone today, it will most likely run either Google's Android or Apple's iOS operating system. These two categories represent all-new mobile phones introduced in the previous few years.

This article will shed light on how Android is better than iPhone 2020, so you can decide which one is actually worth the buy for you, Keep reading!

1. Expandable Storage 
Do you frequently run out of extra storage space on your phone? If this is the case, you may need to switch to Android! Many Android phones offer expandable storage, which means you may use an SD card to obtain additional extra space and keep more documents, programs, and so on. 

If you run out of storage space on your iPhone, you only have two options: upgrade to a model with larger storage space or pay for more iCloud storage space. When it comes to more space in the iPhone vs. Android debate, Android comes out on top.

The additional iCloud storage space isn't prohibitively expensive. At times, it's really less expensive than purchasing a new SD card. For just $2.99 per month, you can add 200 GB to your iCloud storage. A 256 GB Samsung SD card can set you back $49.99.

2. No Earphone Jack in iPhones anymore
Apple's choice to eliminate the earphone jack from the iPhone 7 was disputable at that point. Nowadays, Bluetooth earphones are more moderate and simpler to use than previously. There isn't as much requirement for an underlying earphone jack any longer. 

Regardless, Apple created a controversy when it removed the headphone connection. iPhone users may now use wired earbuds without blaming their iPhone for not having a Lightning connection. Not every person needs or needs the without wire PDA experience. You may not generally make sure to charge your Bluetooth earphones or remote charging case.

With regards to including more seasoned components like this in the iPhone versus Android rivalry, Android wins. Assuming you need a more up-to-date phone with an earphone jack, and Android is the best approach for the present. Sadly, Android producers are beginning to eliminate it as well. There is no earphone jack on the Google Pixel 4, Samsung S20, or OnePlus 7T.

3. Unhindered Operating System 
When it comes to OS availability in the iPhone vs. Android arena, Android's working foundation ends up being less restricted than iOS's. You don't have to uninstall an Android in order to change items like the default informing app and launcher.

Despite the fact that it introduces greater hazards, certain organizations prefer Android's less restricted operating framework. "Android is open source, but Play Store is overseen by Google, and they haven't placed as many limitations as Apple's App Store, so you will discover more programs on Play Store than on Apple's App Store," says Saqib Ahmed Khan, PureVPN's automated advertising director. This lack of restriction creates risk, but understanding the best practices for keeping your mobile phone safe may help you navigate this app scene.

4. More Customization and Personalization 
This is a region where Apple has made up for the lost time to Android lately. You would now be able to modify your iPhone Control Center, gadget menu, backdrop, and considerably more. There are incalculable applications on the Google Play Store for tweaking your home screen, foundation, ringtones, gadgets, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. These applications can even assist you with associating your gadgets together, like Microsoft Launcher, which matches up exercises between your Android telephone and your Windows PC.

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