Is Apple ready for the Tesla Pi Phone?

Is Apple ready for the Tesla Pi Phone?
If you seek to find answers to your questions about a gadget, especially from the place of comparison, weighing options and benefits, believe me, checking the merchant’s platform wouldn’t be your best bet for validation. Check other reviews instead! 

Just when you think you’ve seen enough in technology, and every other thing is simply modifications, you wake up, only to see my friend Elon Musk [I'm a big fan by the way] in the news, this time not about the Tesla Electric Vehicles [E.V], or Space X or even about the Solar Panels having changed partnership from Panasonic to Hanwha [I should drop an article on this later], but that the EV car giant brand, Tesla is doing something new in the Mobile phone industry. 

Some months back, in September to be precise, Apple introduced its iPhone 13 series which included iPhone 13 mini, Pro, and the Pro max.

This came with a buzz, as usual, considering Apple’s customer base and the modifications introduced to the new series; no doubt, it was much awaited, and they blew up in sales, which is not even news, I mean... it is Apple, right?  

Well, we have a new Sherriff in town in the Mobile Phone industry, Tesla’s Pi Phone; and everyone keeps looking through their windows, asking questions, and wanting to see what he/she/it looks like, what new characteristics would it possess, or if it can compete/combat the big names around... these and more will I be addressing as we review Tesla’s Pi Phone and the iPhone 13 Series. 

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Is Tesla coming out with a smartphone? 
Well, if it's on the news, then it's no news! Renowned Tech giant brand, Tesla has decided to add to its numerous achievements in innovation the Tesla Pi Phone.  

Elon Musk, the company CEO of Tesla Inc. has decided to extend tentacles to the smartphone industry making it more competitive than before, especially with the unique features of the soon to be out mobile smartphone Tesla Pi, compared with the existing big brands in the same industry. 

What are the features of the Tesla Pi phone? 
While the features are yet to be concluded, since the Smartphone is yet to be out, some features have been made public and have made several big brands’ loyal customers have a rethink.  

Some of the unique features of the Tesla Pi Phone are: 
1. Tesla Pi phone is a 4-lens camera phone which enables maximum output of resolution. While each lens operates a certain function, while taking a picture, one of the lenses focuses on the image, while the other focuses on video clarity. 

2. Increase battery life, and a solar panel option for a wireless charge. People who are Tesla fans would be aware of one of the landmarks that Elon Musk had created, which is the Solar panels. This, therefore, makes it easier to deploy one or two extras to the battery life while you’re on the go. 

3. Tesla Pi phone would be making use of the Starlink [another service provided by Tesla] satellite connectivity which gives an amazingly fast internet service and considering the company’s plans, the Tesla Pi phone can work on Mars and Earth. 

4. Having taken cognizance of the iPhone 13 series, and how fragile it is when it falls, the Tesla Pi phone has been better shielded that when it falls, you don’t have parts broken or fallen apart. 

5. It comes in photochromic material and changes colours depending on the intensity of light on it. 

6. The processor speed is yet to be confirmed, however, the least would be an A15 bionic. 

7. Reverse camera is uniquely designed to capture the perimeter, however not visibly spotted compared to contemporary. 
Would Tesla Pi phone be outsourced for production? 
Mobile phone brands have been known to design and specify their phone series; however, they outsource the production to other companies.

A good example is Apple phones, which get their processors, batteries, and other parts from different notable companies. 

Tesla on the other hand has been known to design, create and assemble its products, and we believe the Tesla Pi phone won't be an exception. 

When would the Tesla Pi be released? 
Word on the street is that the Tesla Pi phone would be released anytime soon, however, others have mentioned that Tesla Pi would be out by December 21, 2022. 

How much would Tesla Pi cost? 
While we are uncertain about the price of the Tesla Pi, since the phone is yet to be out and the market has been volatile, however, the Tesla Pi is said to cost AED 951.31 [USD 259] 
Which is better, iPhone 13 series or Tesla Pi? 
Loyal brand ambassadors may tell a different tale, but the truth is Tesla Pi has more unique features that we look forward to using, compared to the iPhone 13 by Apple. 

After all is said, as I earlier suggested, you may want to conduct a survey or review before making your pick on which phone is better between the iPhone 13 series and the all-new Tesla Pi. 
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