Is Buying YouTube Likes Worth It? Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

Is Buying YouTube Likes Worth It? Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions
YouTube has become one of the most reliable and popular choices for marketers, content creators, brands, and businesses to promote their work to a large audience and gain more views. However, not all people are successful in achieving the goal of creating YouTube channels and gaining popularity. The reason is rising competition on the platform. Therefore, most creators and YouTubers buy YouTube likes as the most viable and practical solution that provides a quick boost in the number of likes without spending heavy investment.
Due to some myths and misconceptions about buying likes on YouTube, many YouTubers are hesitant to implement this strategy. Let’s explore common misconceptions that people believe without understanding the real facts behind them. Debunking these myths will help you make a confident decision and get ahead in the competitive online landscape of YouTube.

1.       Purchasing likes is a suspicious activity

The first myth that must be debunked is that purchasing likes on YouTube is some type of cheating that is performed to manipulate YouTube's algorithm and viewers. This is not true because you’re not taking advantage of anyone by purchasing likes. When you buy likes, you’re simply providing a quick boost in the number of likes that come from real users running active accounts on YouTube. You are simply showing your content to be worth watching to reach more audiences and turn them into your potential viewers and subscribers.

2.       Your videos can be deleted or removed

Do not believe that purchasing likes on YouTube videos can result in getting your videos deleted from the platform by YouTube's algorithm. This is false because buying real and high-quality likes from legitimate providers will see an increase in the likes count as organic growth. YouTube will delete your account or videos from the platform when the channel or content is illegal and breach the terms of service (TOS) of YouTube. Purchasing likes is not against the TOS of YouTube.

3.       Buying likes is not worth the investment

Another common misconception which is not true at all is that buying YouTube likes is not worth the investment. When you’re buying YouTube likes, you are allowing more businesses, influencers, and brands to find your content and engage with it. Moreover, the purchasing cost of likes is minimal than many other forms of online marketing techniques and strategies. So, buying YouTube likes are worth it to gain increased visibility, go trending, improve social proof, and boost the audience base.

4.       Your YouTube channel is likely to ban

Another myth is that your channel or videos will get banned, which is completely not true. Purchasing likes is not something for which your channel will be banned. Likewise, your account is going to be banned or blocked if your content violated YouTube's TOS and other YouTube policies or if it breaches the terms and conditions of the rules of a specific country.

5.       Purchasing YouTube likes is illegal

Do not believe if someone tells you that buying likes for your videos and content is illegal in any manner. It is not an illegal activity at all as long as you buy your likes from a legitimate and reliable source. So, you can legally and confidently buy likes from a trusted source to increase your likes count.

6.       The number of likes freezes at 300

YouTube freezes likes when their count reaches 300. The reason is that YouTube uses it as the foundation for assessing the videos for the organic flow of likes before providing them a green signal for improved ranking. They are stuck at this limit to make sure if likes have been multiplied artificially or received naturally from real YouTubers.

Authentic likes from genuine users would not cause any problems, your likes count would not freeze at 301. The reliable providers will deliver the likes in a way that complies with all of YouTube’s terms and conditions, providing your content with the number of likes you need. In fact, it would assist you when you are finding the problem of being stuck at a specific point.

7.       Purchased YouTube likes are fake

Most people think that bought likes come from bots, automated techniques, or computer programs. However, this is not always the case as many service providers like FBPostLikes deliver real likes generated by genuine users. Hence, you can rest assured of receiving organic engagement forever without running into the risk of getting your account suspended or banned.

8.       Buying likes alone is sufficient

Purchasing YouTube likes is not a one-stop strategy for making a viral sensation on YouTube and getting monetization opportunities. It will simply provide your videos with a much-needed push as the number of likes on your content will show people that users are engaging with your content. It will not alone be going to provide your account with overall success. So, you need to make quality videos and implement other recommended strategies.

9.       You will have to share your credentials

You are hiring and paying any service provider just to deliver the required number of likes on a particular video. So, they would never ask you to provide any password, OTP, or other credentials. They will hardly ask you to provide the link of the video for which you need likes. If you notice the need to provide any password, simply turn back from that provider because it may result in providing them with access to your email, cloud content, and other stuff. 

10.   Influencers or popular YouTubers don’t buy likes

Some people believe that popular celebrities and influencers get likes, views, comments, and shares naturally. But, the facts are completely different. More than thousands of content creators consider buying likes to jumpstart their channel’s engagement rate and success.


These are the common myths and misconceptions revolving around buying likes on YouTube. Purchasing engagement in any form is worth it if the service provider is legitimate and providing organic engagement or likes considering YouTube’s policies and TOS. 
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