Is Dubai good for real estate investment?

Is Dubai good for real estate investment?
If Economics as a subject has done us any good in tertiary education, it will be the introduction and understanding of the economy. One of the many things that ring in my head in this context would be the definition of fixed assets, which are assets gained for long-term purposes, and may not be easily converted into cash. a typical example of this is real estate investment. 

Dubai, a megacity by all standards of a class has been imaginably termed a city of gold, therefore a hotspot for businesses, happy dwellers, and those seeking their pot of gold. While there are many streams of income to be spun from in Dubai, idea creation, labor or the choice of simply investments are some of the major considerations for livelihood. 

In today’s topic, we shall consider real estate as an investment in Dubai, and also understand the perfect time to buy properties in Dubai. 

What is real estate? 
As per Wikipedia, real estate is a type of property that consists of land and buildings, as well as natural resources such as crops, minerals, or water.

Personal property, which is not permanently tied to the land, such as automobiles, boats, jewels, furniture, equipment, and agricultural rolling stock, differs from real estate.

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What you should know for sure is that real estate is not limited to a purchase of a parcel of land, however the composition of the land, the structures, and any side attraction that comes with the portion of land. 

What is an investment? 
Investment can be termed as the allocation of money to a cause with the anticipation of a future benefit/return asides from the capital allocated. In clear terms, investing involves possessing an asset or a cause to generate income from the investment or appreciate your investment, usually growth in the value of the cause within a period. 

Is Dubai good for real estate investments? 
If we have to sing it aloud again, real estate is one of the best schemes to accumulate wealth and earn an income. However, all investments involve some level of risk, right? Hence, there are several aspects to consider before investing in the real estate market, to enjoy the best returns. 
Dubai can be good for real estate investments, but then again, what do you know? That an automobile is a choice vehicle and is pricy does not mean it is the best to serve you in farmland, one needs to understand and identify objects, before dishing out funds, especially if you intend to get a maximal return. 

What most business-savvy individuals or corporations look out for in an investment is principally the ROI [Return on Investment]. It is the ultimate goal when investing in property. Securing a property that delivers healthy rates of return requires proper due diligence from the get-go. It is therefore fundamental that you pay extra attention to some factors before initiating an investment.  

Here are some things to consider before sealing that real estate investment. 
  1. Location.
  2. Size. 
  3. Quality. 
  4. Interest. 
  5. Facilities/Amenities in the Demographic. 
  6. Governmental policies. 
Is it a good time to buy real estate in Dubai in 2021? 
People often ask if buying a property amidst the crises around the COVID-19 is a good move, well, the truth is, regardless of the uncertainties, there has never been a better moment to begin investing in Dubai, considering the fallen property prices in the UAE in recent years, there are options to purchase property in Dubai at a low cost.  

Is 2022 a good year to buy an investment property? 
Well, I get the memo, the future is unwritten. However, there are some safe investments that most times fail less, one of which is real estate, considering it is a fixed asset. 

Come the year 2022 and beyond, buying an investment property is still a good buy, however, please consider the factors earlier highlighted, as these determine your ROI and how long the period is. 

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