Is Dubai technologically advanced?

Is Dubai technologically advanced?
Technological advancement could be a relative term unless there is a uniform parameter to base a conclusion; but if we are to examine the report card of the Middle East, UAE [United Arab Emirates], assuming it was a student, there are significant landmarks that Dubai holds as advancement in technology for our validation. 

This article will further recount the laurels, and monumental technological advancement experienced in the heart of the UAE, Dubai. It will also clear possible doubts on if Dubai is a tech hub or otherwise; please do well to read through till the end. 

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Is Dubai technologically advanced? 
Perhaps, knowing that Dubai leads the world in foreign direct investment (FDI) and technology transfer in the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics industries, would count for its giant strides in technological advancements. The emirate, on the other hand also has a progressive government agenda that includes the creation of a live experimental testbed for concepts such as Hyperloop technology and flying manned transport. 

Dubai as a city has embraced the hands of innovation by continually striving for a better enabling ecosystem that simplifies business processes and culture. This has been visibly highlighted by the raft of futuristic long-term strategies as seen in AI [Artificial Intelligence], IoT [Internet of Things], Blockchain implementation across finance, education, real estate, healthcare, and other significant markets. 

Technological advancements tales in Dubai cannot be completely told without including Smart Dubai, a project spearheaded by the Smart Dubai office, who have tirelessly designed and created over 130 smart initiatives so far, saving the Dubai Government about US$1.2 billion over the last 13 years through shared infrastructure and shared smart services for 50 government organizations. 
Is Dubai a tech hub? 
A very few flies in this pack, as Dubai has been regarded as one of the world's most innovative and technologically advanced cities, which helps firms seek effective operating solutions. The city is claimed to provide a favorable climate for entrepreneurs and to stand out as an appealing global center where they may develop, create, and thrive. Having stated these Dubai is a tech hub. 

For aspiring business enthusiasts looking to access the incredible ecosystem that the UAE offers, there is no better location than a tech startups hub in Dubai, where about 93% of the UAE’s tech startups are situated. 

Why is UAE leading in terms of technology? 
The UAE has several flourishing startup ecosystems, but none is more active and well-resourced than the IT industry. The UAE is home to some of the world's greatest technology and innovation funds, and it is believed that it has about USD 1 trillion inaccessible investment money. 
In 2016, UAE had funded tech companies to a sum of USD 1bn to fuel their creatives, and, amazingly, the positive results are everywhere; let alone the funding provided in 2021, one can only say that the future is unwritten. 

If we won't count scores, at least the Ministry for Artificial Intelligence in the country has solidified UAE's position as one of the most conducive jurisdictions for global technological advancement and innovation. This amongst others was created from the launch of the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 
Why is Dubai so advanced? 
If we are to go by the population index in Dubai alone, it tells us more why Dubai has continually shown strength and growth in landmark achievements; a city that has embraced immigrants and investors, and in the process opened its arms to receive innovation and advancement. 
Dubai is regarded as one of the world's top cities for many reasons. It is the most developed and sophisticated city in the United Arab Emirates, because of its superb facilities, high wages, breathtaking structures, and a decent healthcare system, among other things.  

Dubai has also been regarded as an expat's paradise and a solid draw for doctors looking to expand their skill set or conclude their career as a consultant with good pay. 

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