Is eating yam good for weight loss?

Is eating yam good for weight loss?
Take a lady out on a date in Lagos, and have the waiter ask what she wants. Chances are high that she would say chicken and fries; if not in the manual of a lady’s handbook, I guess being a baby girl for life comes with a long list after all. But to think about it again, perhaps if you have a clue about how hard it is to grow up in Lagos, Nigeria, ordering a meal as hard as Yam will just make it more complicated. [humor] 

Aside from the humor, anyone who knows me pretty well could tell you I love yams. It is a jubilee for me when I get my peppered egg sauce right, such that the yam and egg sing a duet on a Shure microphone, an extravaganza. 

Now that yam has enjoyed a grand entry, have you considered if this filling choice of carbohydrate could be recommended for weight loss? Let's find out in this article brought to you by the leading brand in Dubai for web design, digital marketing, and SEO/SEM services, The Watchtower-Web Design Agency Dubai. 

What you may not know about yams 

Yams are tuber vegetables that are frequently mistaken for sweet potatoes. Yams are less sweet and more starchy than sweet potatoes. Like sweet potatoes, they feature white, yellow, purple, or pink flesh. The yam's ripeness affects the hue. 

While yellow, orange, and purple flesh yams are rich in antioxidants, complex carbs, and vitamins, white yams are high in potassium. They provide numerous health advantages. Yams reduce the risk of blood sugar increases following a filling meal. They also possess several additional traits that make them healthy. 

For instance, they are an excellent dietary choice for digestion and weight loss because they are a source of resistant fiber. [Surprised?] 

What are the health benefits of eating yams? 

1. It helps in high cognitive functions. 
A controlled investigation found that yam extracts improve cognitive performance. Yams are very nutrient-dense due to their abundance of vitamins and minerals. They also include diosgenin, a substance that improves brain activity. Memory and learning skills are enhanced. 

2. It helps improve the health of your skin. 
Antioxidants found in yams aid in regenerating skin cells. The oxidative harm brought on by free radicals might be lessened by these antioxidants. Yams contain vitamin C, which helps our bodies produce collagen. 

Since the body's ability to produce collagen declines with age, yams can support collagen synthesis and enhance skin health. It also aids in preventing wrinkles and skin aging. 

Since yam has a high content of Vitamin C, you are assured of maintaining the health of the skin and guarding it against sun damage.

3. It helps improve digestion. 
Yams contain resistant starch, which functions similarly to soluble fibers. As a result, it travels through the stomach and intestines undigested. 
As a result, it aids in nourishing the beneficial gut flora and raising the digestive enzyme levels that support healthy digestion. Yams are a great food to improve digestion because of this. 

4. It helps fight cancerous cells. 
With the presence of several antioxidants, including phenols, flavonoids, and vitamin C, present in yams, the growth of cancerous cells is easily eliminated. 

Both cancer and oxidative damage from free radicals are caused by aberrant cell development. These antioxidants exhibit anti-cancer activities. By lessening the harm done to organs by free radicals, antioxidant vitamins assist in preventing the formation of cancer cells. 

5. It helps with weight loss. 
It is no news that yams are high in both calories and fiber. Studies have shown that fiber promotes weight loss. Yam roots are edible and help people lose weight. The digestive system absorbs fiber gradually. They thereby prolong the duration of your feeling of fullness. They consequently stop cravings and binge eating. 

In the end, they stopped unhealthful weight gain. Additionally, fiber contributes to bettering intestinal health. Yams feed beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of dangerous germs. They thereby support boosting the immune system. 

In conclusion, aside from the general thoughts of yam being filling and could probably carry you for hours provided you do not exert too much work, it also helps with weight loss ideas. So, ladies, on your next date, it is OK to order yam. You are still safe! 
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