Is Erlang better than Java?

Is Erlang better than Java?
From the comparison seen above, you can tell that Erlang is in close use with the Java application, and if you can't come up with anything close to its definition or purpose, you can settle with the idea that it is Object-Oriented [OO] related. 

In today’s topic, a little form of comparison will be conducted between the popular Object-Oriented application and what we are yet to find out Erlang. We shall also take further dive into understanding some characteristics surrounding Erlang for our knowledge base. 

What is Erlang? 
No, this is not your neighbour's name. According to Wikipedia, Erlang is a general-purpose, concurrent, functional programming language, and a garbage-collected runtime system. With Erlang, you can consider unique features like Immutable data, pattern matching, and functional programming being part of the unique features of the Erlang programming language. Similarly, some evaluation, single assignment, and dynamic typing characters are all supported by the Erlang sequential subset. 

What is Erlang used for? 
With all these many colloquial, understanding what Erlang is, let alone its use becomes a little vague, right? This would help you I promise. 

As mentioned earlier, Erlang is an Object-Oriented programming language that finds use in building massively scalable soft real-time systems which have requirements of high availability. Erlang has found major use in instant messaging, telecoms, banking, e-commerce, and computer telephony. 

Erlang is a programming language that is much more than that. Likewise, is it almost impossible to compare it to other languages only based on syntax or idioms? 

Why is Erlang not popular? 
Erlang is a small operating system that runs on top of another and has many useful features. 

Erlang, on the other hand, is not a general-purpose programming language. It has a niche where it excels, but it towers so high above everything else in that area that it's almost frightening. 

Erlang has carved out a place for itself as a multi-server system known as "nodes," which assures distributed applications and network control. 

One reason Erlang may be as unpopular as it ought to is because of newer functional programming languages, such as Elixir and Elm. Although Erlang is certainly useful, it's less accessible for beginners  
Does WhatsApp still use Erlang? 
WhatsApp's use of Erlang is part of a wider trend toward programming languages that are built for concurrency, or the ability to execute several processes at the same time. WhatsApp is essentially a substitute for texting services provided by telecommunications companies. Erlang, like Haskell, is a creation of the 1980s. 

Why did WhatsApp choose Erlang? 
People thought then that why couldn’t WhatsApp run their app and build the application from the start, well, what people didn’t know is that WhatsApp could have built their app in PHP, java, ruby on rails, NodeJS, or any other popular language if they deem fit, however, they chose Erlang since it complements the application's features with ease. 

Is Erlang worth learning? 
Erlang is worth learning in 2022, as you could be in search of a job in one of the fields where Erlang is used. For example, you appreciate messaging applications and want to work at WhatsApp. What happens after? 

You would consider learning Erlang if you seek to build programs that are lightweight, portable, and have as few dependencies as feasible. The truth is: you can accomplish a lot with Erlang right out of the box. 

If you are amongst the rare few ones who are naturally curious people and seek to learn new programming techniques without worrying about the bottom line. Erlang would always be a reason to make you glee. 
Is Erlang better than Java? 
Lastly, is Erlang better than Java? Well, In the sense that both Erlang and Java employs a virtual computer to encapsulate the hardware into a portable layer, meaning they share similar interest, hence debatable on preference. 

Let's settle it as this shall we, Erlang might be doing so much with being useful and being a considerable choice for affiliations, however, Java still is a better choice for most people. 
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