Is farming profitable in UAE?

Is farming profitable in UAE?
Perhaps we should start by considering how vital the process of farming is to an ecosystem. Maslow best describes the place of food and shelter as the priority in the Maslow hierarchy of needs. Physiological needs as food are essential, and you would agree that without the belly being filled with a meal, the thoughts of dreams and aspirations or more are not considered. 

Having identified how vital the place of food is to man, farming is always a good deal for consideration, however, we may need to consider demographics and soil fertility, depending on what you intend to farm. This and more will be discussed in today’s article for your good read. 

Is farming profitable in the UAE? 
Over the years, the UAE [United Arab Emirates] has been considered as a stable country, with little or no disruptions that throw it out of place and make it hard for entrepreneurs to thrive, hence it has been considered for many business ideas, as you can visibly identify several organizations thriving, all thanks to a conducive place as the UAE. 

So, is farming profitable in the UAE? Yes, it is profitable if done appropriately. This question would not be out of place especially when the large portion of the UAE is an arid land, and has a low measure of rainfall, and has harsh climatic conditions. the country has therefore harnessed the path of innovation to make agriculture possible and profitable for the people. 

How can I start a farming business in UAE? 
To start a farming business in the UAE, you must know which area of farming you would like to specialize in, draw up a detailed business plan and structure, commence a feasibility study on the market space, and then proceed to get a license. 

Starting a farm business in UAE can almost be a smooth ride, especially with the introduction of modern technology that best serves, against traditional farming. 
What license would I require to farm in the UAE? 
There are different farming licenses in the UAE since farming is broad, amongst a handful of them, there are 3 major ones that are often sought after, they are: 
  1. Livestock production farming permit.
  2. Aquaculture license. 
  3. Agricultural activity practice license. 
Where do I get a license to farm in Dubai? 
For the farm enthusiasts who intend to proceed with their farming services and get a license, you can make an application to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). 

You may need to consider going along with your business documents, as you would be required to provide the following: 
  1. Completed application forms.
  2. Articles of incorporation. 
  3. A Bio of intended business activities. 
  4. Proof of qualifications and accreditations. 
  5. Passport copies for all shareholders. 
Can I sponsor a visa for my employees in the UAE? 
As a business owner, the UAE government is not stringent with its policy to make it difficult for you to thrive. In so doing, it is expected that you have a resident visa to own and operate a farm in the UAE, with this ball set rolling, you are eligible to sponsor wards, and staff depending on how large your company has been valued by the DED. 

What are the steps for the visa application process for a farmer in the UAE? 
There are 5 processes to this feat, they are listed below for your guide. 
  1. Application for an entry permit.
  2. Status adjustment. 
  3. Conduct medicals and fitness tests. 
  4. Create your Emirates ID registration. 
  5. Visa stamping. 
How much does a farm license cost in the UAE? 
While the charges to these may vary depending on the type of farming you settle for, an average cost of license would range between AED 11,000 and AED 32,000. 
If you have carried out your feasibility report well enough, you will have an idea of what the cost of hiring staff, permits, running costs, and the others will incur, to avoid possible shock on costs. 

Can I make it as a farmer in the UAE? 
Well, since I'm not a clairvoyant, however, like the popular best seller book by Paulo Coelho, titled the Alchemist, I would say “it is in your hands”. All that is required to make a business thrive has been set in place by the government of the UAE, even with technologies as Hydroponic which enables plants to grow without their roots to the soil. 

Is there any funding for farmers in the UAE? 
There is a list of funding going on by the present administration and private companies like the “One Capital LLC” who have taken innovation to food tech for the benefit of mankind as a whole. 
In conclusion, farming is a profitable business sector to consider anywhere, and the UAE is not an exception. 
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