Is Fashion Blogging Profitable?

Is Fashion Blogging Profitable?

Fashion blogging is a very lucrative business. Generally speaking, blogging is a good mine. There are thousands of bloggers out there in different niches who make a living from blogging. Fortunately, fashion is one of the booming niches in blogging.

Fashion as an industry is very rewarding. The different sectors in the industry yield so much and fashion blogging is not left out. Oftentimes, renowned fashion bloggers would step out in luxury and befitting outfits (most times paid for by brands they promote), and that just shows how rewarding being a fashion blogger could be.

How do you start a fashion blog on YouTube?

1. Niche down carefully. You don't want to have a brog with random contents. Hence, niche down to specific contents. This will help you get an audience faster.  

2. Solidify your personality. You want to stamp your person in the minds of your audience so they'll know, like, and trust you. That way, they always watch out for your content, and will always come back to consume more of your content. 

3. Build momentum. You don't want to bore your subscribers when they're watching your videos, so you want to build up positive energy that is communicable. Doing this makes them enjoy your content. 

4. Draft an outline for your first few contents. Starting a fashion channel, you most likely will have streamflow of ideas. You should write them down.

5. Be consistent. You want to stay top in the minds of your audience. If you are not consistent, your audience will go out somewhere to your competitor, and you don't want that. 

6. Upload only quality content. Don't just upload crappy content, people won't take you seriously, your YouTube channel will be a wreck. Instead, upload meaningful contents your audience would love to watch, problem-solving content. 

7. Promote your content. After putting up your contents, you want as many eyeballs as possible. So, by all legal means push your contents out. 

Who is the most popular fashion YouTuber?

It is quite difficult to rate the most popular fashion YouTuber for obvious reasons. However, here are some of the guys who rule the show and are known for being very fashionable YouTubers.

1. Rachspeed

Rachspeed is a YouTube channel owned by Rachel Spencer. Rachel Spencer is a fashion guru, and blogger (YouTuber). Her channel is filled with videos contents regarding lifestyle, fashion, and everything creative (in the fashion sense). The good thing about her channel is that you find tips about almost anything; college, DIY, travelling, collabs, thrift, and all that. 

Rachel has over 237k subscribers on her channel, she tried all the fashion stores and come up with the best list of items (durable, useful, and budget-friendly), you could get from a store. She also has a comprehensive DIY series to help people who don't want to splurge at shops.

2. Bestdressed

Bestdressed, owned by Ashley has become a regular name amongst top-rated YouTubers in the fashion niche. The channel has 3.77M subscribers - a fest Ashley achieved at age 22. With her quirky and charming personality, Ashley's channel is aesthetic lookbooks. Amongst several other types is content, she uploads content about thrift sprees, make-up, hairstyles, etc. It's a good place to get inspiration for your dressing and aesthetics.

3. Ashley Brooke

Named the 3rd most popular fashion YouTuber, Ashley Brooke has successfully laced her channel with inspirational content for the outfit. She the CEO and co-founder of Fifth-Floor Magazine, an online magazine that encompasses every side of fashion. Looking for good fashion and luxury advice? Fifth-Floor Magazine got you covered. Also, if you need a cool, and cosy wardrobe that suits your little pocket, Ashely gives you solutions.

How can I be a fashion blogger?

Becoming a successful fashion requires that you follow prerequisite steps, and systems. With that in place, and luck as an addition, you just might become a successful fashion influencer in no time. Here are seven crucial steps I've put in place to help you start:

1. Know Your Niche

2. Choose The Right Platform

3. Pick a Domain Name

4. Find Your Fashion Theme

5. Create Content

6. Promote Your Content

7. Monetize Your Fashion Blog

I do hope this helps you in your fashion journey and I also wish you a truckload of luck, you’re gonna need it. 

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