Is Foil Printing Something to Look Out for in T-shirts?

Is Foil Printing Something to Look Out for in T-shirts?
While there are many types of printing considered for different jobs out there, a few are more popular depending on the type of surface they are printed on. While you must have heard of flock, screen, D2G [Direct to Garment], and the likes, one of the not-so-popular types of printing is foil printing. 

Interestingly, foil printing has stayed over the past few decades. Foil printing has increased, particularly since both small-scale and large-scale screen printing have experienced growth in popularity. Customers perceive a chance to turn their concepts into unique apparel, accessories, or stationery for their organizations or events.  

Wearable marketing tools provide another inventive option for businesses to promote their brands and goods. 

In this post, you will learn about foil printing, what makes it different, and why it is relevant for use in printing today. 

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What is foil printing? 

Foil printing is a type of printing also known as foil stamping, which is a process that involves a foil and a metal dye that will have the image to be printed etched into it. The die is heated to transfer the image from the dye to the substrate being printed in the foil color. 

What makes foil printing special? 

Unlike regular ink, foil printing makes the phrase or artwork on the t-shirt stand out. Its iridescent sheen adds a modest touch of elegance to the item while making the phrases leap off the t-shirt.  

Foil-printed patterns for bulk screen printing are therefore more adaptable to varied genders, ages, and fashion tastes. Foil printing's popularity is predicted to continue to rise, with more varieties and customization possibilities being offered, according to many industry experts in screen printing. 

Are you unsure if foil printing is the best option for you? To help you build a design that embodies your particular vision, here are some pointers that can set you on the right path. 

1. Foil printing can serve as an embellishment. 
The tiniest bits of foil can give a design a confetti-like appearance. This makes it possible for your goods to receive the subtlest type of adornment. Feature your exquisite logo inside a foil-stamped frame, add silver polka dots to a kid's t-shirt, or outline lettering with a foiled border.  

Another two well-liked designs in the sector are the speckled or hand-painted styles using foil. You can even use foil to embellish an animal print on clothing or promotional items. 

2. Use for large printing. 
When foil printing is utilized for larger, solid graphics, shirts become truly reflective. Foil printing does, however, gradually deteriorate with time, it should be emphasized. Even though huge designs are achievable, it is best to balance them with blank fabric space or extra ink. 

The middle of the front shirt does not have to have these patterns either. Large embellishments can be added to the sleeve, the leg of the pants, the front of the baseball cap, or even the shoes. 

What colors can the foil be made available in? 
Although gold and silver are the most widely used metals for foil printing, foil is available in a wide range of colors in rolls. Pink, copper, green, pink, orange, and down to blue, are some of the more popular colors. Custom colors are frequently available for specialty foils as well. 

It's crucial to keep in mind that the color of foil printing is relatively subdued. Although it's challenging to achieve the same level of shading as you can with conventional plastisol inks, emerging trends have been layering colors to provide the impression of depth with different foils or inks. 

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