Is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Is Influencer Marketing Effective?
In 2019, influencer marketing became the norm in the business world. The effectiveness of influencer marketing found its deep roots at this time. Influencer marketing is covering more ground and is becoming a very resourceful form of marketing in recent times, which gives us a sneak peek into the bright future of influencer marketing. 

We've given some key statistics as regards influencer marketing to help show how well and effectively it works. 

According to about 80% of marketers, influencer marketing is effective.

About 71% of marketers think that the quality of traffic (customers) via influencer marketing is way better than other sources of marketing. 

Marketers, about 89%, opined that the return on investment (ROI) when influencer marketing is executed exceeds that of other marketing means. Lastly, 65% of marketers are putting up budgets for influencer marketing for 2023. 

But apart from the above, the rise of influencers in recent times is enough proof to show that the industry is green. If it's not working, it won't trend, and it won't receive much attention. Many people are turning to becoming influencers. Also, brands are doing more influencer marketing than traditional push marketing. This only goes to show that it works. 

What does influencer marketing do?
There are several things people, entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands use influencer marketing for currently. Nevertheless, here are the fundamental things that influencer marketing does when executed properly.

1. It offers a huge ROI (Return On Investment).
2. Content marketing: As influencers have strong and regular audiences, collaborating with them will guarantee that your message gets read.
3. Digital advertising: People use blockers to skip through ads. So, the best way to get your target audience to see your ads is through "native content" created by specific influencers. With that, you can be sure your target audience is seeing you as 
4. Traditional PR: Having a collaboration with good publishers gives you a good amount of control as to how they package and share your message. 
5. It adds authenticity to your brand.
It increases engagement. Partnering up with the right influencer can pay dividends for all your marketing metrics, not just ROI.

An Example of Influencer Marketing
A popular good example of influencer marketing would be Messi's advertising for Pepsi. Pepsi knows that Messi has a robust fan base. He has lots of people who know him from around the globe. Some people have that soft spot for Messi, such that they'll beg to do his bid. Now, imagine a situation where this group of humans happens to know that Messi's favourite drink is Pepsi. This means Pepsi will have to double up their production because these guys will never get tired of taking the carbonated drink. 

What is an influencer marketing platform?
No one platform is strictly for influencer marketing. All social media handles are used for influencer marketing. Influencers dominate each of these social media handles and cause huge followership. Some influencers go on different social media handles and build massive audience bases. This just goes to show how there is a selected platform strictly for influencer marketing. 

However, influencers tend to prioritize and make use of social media handles that they know have more of their target audience on them. But generally speaking, TikTok and Instagram are regarded as the most used platforms by influencers for influencer marketing. Next to those two social media handles are YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the new Clubhouse. Just to have a list, here are the different social media handles harnessed by influencers for influencer marketing:

1. YouTube
2. Instagram
3. TikTok
4. Twitter
5. LinkedIn

Influencing on any or all of these platforms can dramatically skyrocket your business, so why not? 

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