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Is Medium better than Quora?

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I don’t know how best to tell you this, but writing is fun, especially when you are a writer as well, or perhaps just an ardent reader. You tend to hear the voice in the texts, the pitch bend, and if you listen/read close enough, you could hear the heartbeat. it just shows a good level of creativity, and that, my friend is an art. Don’t you forget this when next you see a good read? 

Before we call a spade out, today’s topic will centre on writing platforms, while I know there is a handful out there, I will be limiting the scope to just two platforms which are Quora and Medium. 

We shall see the specialities of each of the platforms, and conclusively show you which is better for writing compared to the other. Are we good? Ok, let's call a spade out! 

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What is Medium used for? 
Away from the literary meaning being a channel or means, Medium is an American online writing platform founded in August 2012 by Evan Williams.  

Medium is an open platform that embraces readers to discover dynamic ideas and where both established and emerging voices could publish their work on any subject. It is a hub where writers and readers can convey creative content in articles, views, and other construction.  

Away from just snippets or comments, Medium houses detailed viewpoints about a case study or just a random thought from the inspiration that finds general appeal. 

Is Medium Free? 
Medium is a free platform that houses creative writers and readers to access a wealth of creative content/blogs. Asides from the free platform, users could sign up for a monthly subscription of $5 membership for unrestricted access to in-depth specialized content.  

What is Quora used for? 
Well, according to Wikipedia, Quora is an American social question-and-answer website based in Mountain View, California. Quora was founded on June 25, 2009, and made available to the public on June 21, 2010. Users can collaborate by editing questions and commenting on answers that have been submitted by other users often, which brings about the interaction between both the readers and the writers. 

Just like Medium, Quora is also a platform for learning and sharing any information. It's a place where one could ask questions and get responses from people who have unique perspectives and creative answers. 

Is Quora free? 
Readers and people who ask questions can use Quora for free. People who answer questions do so for free, and the service does not charge a fee to link a query to an answer. However, for those who seek more beyond the well of ordinary, they could seek to use Quora+ which comes at a monthly subscription of $5.00 for membership. 

Is Medium better than Quora? 
Maybe I need to know what better means to you, as you could be considering the monetization part, where you seek which platform pays better, or if for someone like myself who just love a good feel of creative writing and a good display of parlance. Oh My! But let us address both now, shall we? 

Medium pays writers directly for writing articles, compared to Quora generates revenue from both the subscription and advertisers on the platform, where Advertisers pay members. 

Quora has a unique payment method such that engagements on their platform are seen as healthy, however, members ought to click on the ads ran on their platform before they can enjoy any form of remuneration. 

Is there a site better than Medium? 
You know what they say about the beautiful ones yet to be born, right?  

There are other interesting platforms out there competing with the likes of Medium; some of them are HubPages, PCMag, ResearchGate, Steemit, Reddit, Hacker Noon, and maybe some being created now and will be launched tomorrow. 

But just as there are over a dozen of sports gear shoe brands, people always have their favourite for whatever reason. I'll leave you to that. 

Which One is Best for writers? Quora vs Medium 
I will pick Medium over Quora any day. Medium is best for writers and here is why: With your $5.00 monthly subscription you tend to enjoy unrestricted access to an infinite number of articles, for those who enjoy a good read though, and as a writer, you could earn between $500 to $5,000 each month. I mean, who serves better dishes than this? 

Talking about calling a spade a spade, Medium is best for writers compared to Quora. My take!
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