Is stencil art still relevant in 2022 than the wallpaper?

Is stencil art still relevant in 2022 than the wallpaper?
Just as it would be unfair to talk about art without the mention of a stencil, it would also be unfair to talk about interior design without the mention of wallpaper. The wallpaper has been a creative masterpiece that illuminates the state of home décor, giving it a facelift as much as it can with the aid of a seasoned interior décor expert. 

While the printing business has provided us a turf with the wallpaper, where we can creatively choose the tone and style of how we intend our house to appear. I must remind you that before the wallpaper, stencils had been the go-to pick for interior décor for many years and many reasons. 

In this post, we shall consider both the stencil art and the wallpaper independently. We shall also see how relevant they are in 2022. 

What is stenciling? 

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Stenciling is the art of producing an image or template by applying pigment to a surface under an intermediate object with designed gaps that create a template or image by only allowing the dab of paint to reach the open parts. 

Stenciling is one of the basics of fine art that allows one to uniquely cut out a pattern using paper or other plain surfaces with some spaces in between that permit the dab of ink or substrate to form a unique pattern either as text or design for the lettering or as a design, depending on the user. 

Is there more to stenciling than lettering? 

Yes, people consider the use of a stencil for the creation of patterns as art for interior decorations just as wallpaper is considered. You could enjoy a new feeling of creativity and calmness just by exploring beyond a paint job on the wall and ensuring that the house lights up as well with the patterns from a stencil. 

There are two largely classified styles of stencil when it comes to creatively adding stencil jobs on the walls as patterns: Classical Motif and Folk, which were influenced by Folk art. 

What is wallpaper? 

Wallpaper is utilized in interior design to beautify the inner walls of private and public structures. Despite being mostly in paper form, it can also be found in various kinds of materials. Wallpapers usually come in different texture types and designs, depending on the story or tone one would like to tell. Wallpapers are easily seen in an interior décor store, likewise an art store. 

They are usually designed and created by special entities as business brands. Likewise, are they done by the printing press? 

For instance, OBL Prints Dubai, for instance, creates amazing wallpaper prints that have been designed by a graphic designer or offers the option of an online service that allows one to create his/her design with a specification in mind while it would be delivered to an address once completed. 

The wallpaper has been for many years and has been seen as a taste of splendor for the nobles. 

Is stencil art still relevant in 2022 compared to wallpaper? 

Yes, it is! This answer is likened to the choice and genre of music, such that even though the media has provided a good buzz about hip-hop in the music scene, the opera singers and lovers of Frank Sinatra still exist. This can also be said of cars, with the choice of stick or automatic. People still make use of stencil art for their homes in 2022. 

If you ask an interior decorator, you will have your answer on how often some of their clients still request stencil art against the wallpaper or just a dab of paint on the wall. 

Depending on the audience and the stories they intend to tell, stencil art still enjoys relevance in 2022 as much as wallpaper does. While the process may be much more taxing than the easy fix of the wallpaper, it still has its place in the market for interior décor. 

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